Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi to reap benefits from IshRa’s custody clash


Raman and Ishita have an argument over Roshni’s child’s custody. Simmi happens to find an idea so that she can break the house peace. Ishita tells Roshni that she will hire the best lawyer and get the child’s custody. Mrs. Bhalla fears that Ishita won’t lose and will definitely snatch the custody. Raman tells her that Ishita has already snatched Adi from them, he won’t leave the child. He tells her that he doesn’t want the baby to become a burden on Roshni, as the child will just remind her about her failed career and life. He tells them that he wants to plan Roshni’s life for a good future, he can send Roshni to London once she delivers the baby and hands over the baby to them. He doesn’t share this plans with Ishita.

Simmi and Parmeet learn this and think to take advantage of it. Aaliya informs Mani about Raman’s planning. Mani shares it with Roshni. He tells her that he doesn’t want Roshni and Aaliya to suffer. He asks her to think about Aaliya too. She feels Raman is taking impulsive decisions in anger. She tells Mani that she will talk to Raman and know the truth.

Raman thinks of Ishita and hurts himself angrily. Ishita sees Raman with the wound and rushes to him to do the aid. They both argue about the custody again. Simmi sneaks in Ishita’s house with a motive. She tells Ishita about Raman’s planning to send Roshni away forever by snatching the baby. Ishita asks Roshni not to believe Simmi and not take any stress. Ishita calls up Ruhi to confirm about Raman. Ruhi fails to explain that Raman decided this for Roshni’s betterment. Ishita misunderstands Raman again. She angrily calls up Mani and takes his help to fight the custody battle. She doesn’t want Raman to win and snatch Roshni’s baby. Raman feels Ishita is being wrong to be stubborn all the time. Simmi becomes the troublemaker again. Ishita asks Raman to stay away from Roshni and not try to distract her. Raman assures his family that they will win the case. Simmi offers to help Raman in the court case.


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