Kaleerein: Meera to take her stand on Vivaan’s divorce decision

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Vivaan and Meera come together again. Meera falls in trouble when some goons create a ruckus at her dad’s shop. Meera tries to stop the goons and gets hurt. Vivaan reaches there to help her. She refuses to take his help and takes her dad home. Vivaan lights a diya at her home temple. Meera asks him the reason for coming. She doesn’t want to talk to him. She regrets for his divorce decision. She is emotionally shattered. She is angry on herself. She has feelings for him. Meera drags Vivaan out and asks him to go. Meera and Vivaan have a moment when the flowers shower on them. Vivaan realizes that he loves Meera a lot. He wants to mend the broken relations.

Meera isn’t able to think why this happened suddenly. She is also in love with Vivaan. Their unsaid love troubles both of them. She is clear that she loves Vivaan now. She is much hurt that Vivaan has decided the divorce alone. She confronts Vivaan for compelling her to accept the decision.

She feels Vivaan isn’t a nice guy, he was just acting good in front of others. She scolds him for insulting her feelings. She tells Dolly that Vivaan always takes decisions, but now she will take the decision, as they both signed the papers and decision is taken now. She doesn’t want anyone else to decide for her life. She asks Dolly not to feel hurt, this had to happen as this was destined. She wants to end Vivaan’s chapter and move on in life.


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