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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer and Naina reach the echo point. They both express their love for each other by shouting out their love in the middle of the mountains. Sameer wishes her on her birthday. She gets grateful to him and likes the surprise. Sameer gets a cake for her. They celebrate her birthday. They sing a song and dance happily. Sameer gets happy to spend some time with Naina and makes the moments special. Their romantic moments will be seen.

Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala:
Amyra tells her friends that she hates Kulfi, she wants Kulfi away from dad. Her friend says Kulfi will go away from your dad when Kulfi gets her own dad, we just have to find her dad. Amyra tells them that she just wants Kulfi away, since Kulfi isn’t beneficial to her anymore. She gets angry seeing Sikandar and Kulfi’s bond. Sikandar deals with Amyra carefully. He misses to hear her bad reasoning and hatred for Kulfi. He just hears Amyra deciding to find Kulfi’s father. He gets happy to know it.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal shows his culinary skills to Nandini and Mauli. He makes parathas with difficulty. Kunal and Mauli make food for Nandini with love. Kunal makes a smiley on the paratha. Mauli asks Kunal what was he doing, what did he prepare. Kunal asks Mauli not to joke and doubt on his skills. He asks the super chef Nandini to taste the paratha and tell him. Nandini says I m not well, I won’t have it. Kunal says I will get medical insurance for you. Mauli says you will get medical aid, I can’t take the risk. Nandini eats the paratha and coughs. She finds it too salty. Kunal gives her water.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita’s love will be seen again. Raman complains of back ache. Ishita asks him to have medicine. Their sweet lovely dovey arguments is back. They fight for the pillow. Raman sleeps on the cough and fights with her for extra pillow. She asks him to sleep and not ruin her sleep. He tells her that the AC isn’t working in the room, its his house and his wish, he will sleep anywhere he wants, she can’t command him. Ishita gets helpless to sleep on the ground. Simmi sees Raman sleeping on the sofa and scolds Ishita for throwing out Raman from the room. Ishita asks Simmi to listen once than calling everyone.

Shivay blames Anika and calls her an opportunist. Anika tells him that she is self-sufficient to earn a living, she can work hard and manage her family on her own. She forgets her problems and believes in tackling each day. She doesn’t like to become a burden on anyone. She tells Shivay that she doesn’t depend on anyone to arrange her necessities. Shivay finds her appeal true when he finds her working at the food stall. He finds a new inspiration in Anika. His perception about Anika changes. He employs her back as Priyanka’s wedding planner.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam faces a new trouble. She happens to see the kidnapper. Aayat wants to kidnap Mariam and take her away from Majaaz. Aayat takes Mariam with him. She then realizes that she has caught the other girl. She gets angry and leaves the girl. She wonders where did Mariam go. She feels everyone is Mariam’s friend in the locality, its not easy to kidnap her. Aayat is Majaaz’s sister, who was abandoned from the family for some reason. Aayat will be revealed as Mariam’s biological mother. She will reveal how Majaaz and Madiha snatched her daughter.

Roop refuses to have food. He stays upset. Palak asks Roop to have food. She doesn’t want him to bear hunger. Shamsher wants Roop to win the fitness competition. She asks Roop why is he so upset. Roop tells her that he wrote his likes and dislikes, but Shamsher ruled it out. He wanted to have his favorite food. She says you can tell me what you want to eat, I will get it for you. She gets Roop’s favorite food and feeds him. Roop gets happy and praises her. He thanks Palak and calls her his best friend.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash gets some important documents while Falguni plays with the paper planes. Suyash checks the documents. Uttara gets worried when Suyash reads the property and will papers. Jayant asks him the matter. Uttara sheds tears in front of them. Falguni consoles her. Uttara justifies why she has hidden the will from everyone till now. She tells Suyash that she didn’t wish Vidhaan and Suyash to have a fight for property. Suyash tells her that he will name all the property to Vidhaan, he doesn’t want anything. He shows a big heart.


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