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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli and Nandini go out for shopping. Mauli cheers up Nandini. They get some stuff and spend some time. Mauli wants to see a smile on Nandini’s face. She recollects their fun moments in the past. She asks Nandini to not take any tension and enjoy. She asks Nandini to wait at some shop till she gets some stuff from the other shop. Rajdeep meets Nandini in the market. He asks Nandini how is she, she is out on shopping, its good that she is taking a break. She drops the shopping bags in fear. He says you are having fun, you don’t care for husband and house. Nandini shouts to Mauli for help. She behaves like a helpless woman. Rajdeep stops Nandini and says I m saving you from Mauli, she is using you as a maid, you shouldn’t go to her, come with me, our home is waiting for you. The people gather and ask Rajdeep to leave Nandini.

Kundali Bhagya:
Karan and Preeta knock on Dr. Seema’s room. Sherlyn gets tensed. Karan sees Prithvi in the hospital and hiding from him. He comes and keeps a hand on his shoulder. Prithvi gets shocked. He makes excuses, but Karan understands his lie. Later, Sherlyn informs Prithvi that she can’t get her abortion done due to the complication. Prithvi scolds her and asks her to abort the baby even if it meant risking her life. Sherlyn is shocked and fights with him for not worrying about her life. They have a major fight.

Bepannaah: Aditya is shattered and takes out his heart in front of all. He says it was my mistake to marry Pooja, she cheated on me and become mother of someone’s baby. Sakshi comes there and slaps Aditya. Mr. Hooda, his wife and Zoya get shocked. Sakshi reveals that Pooja was carrying Aditya’s baby. She tells that Yash didn’t want Pooja to abort the child and was willing to give his name to her baby. Aditya looks on with tears in his eyes. Zoya decides to withdraw the case.

Shakti: Harman throws a wrestling challenge for Harak. The reason for the challenge is really interesting. Harman wants his terms with his father to get fine. He reminds their old moments to Harak. Harman teases Harak and runs around in the living room. Harak throws things at him and runs after him. Harak asks Harman not to run and tire him. Harman calls him old. He says you just got sentimental by recollecting everything, you are angry again. Harak says I won’t cross the division line, if you come in my side again, I will not leave you. Harak throws a shoe at Harman. Harman runs to his side of the house and shows the line to Harak. Harak gets emotional and misses his son.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Bhallas get happy with Roshni’s coming. Mrs. Bhalla wards off evil sight and prays for Roshni’s safety. She tells everyone that Roshni’s medical check-up went fine, doctor has said that everything is fine, baby is healthy. Raman and Ishita have an argument, which irritates Roshni. Roshni tells them that she is feeling sleepy by hearing to their non-stop arguments. Raman continues to argue. Ishita tells him that he has to quit drinking if he wants Roshni to stay with them. She says Roshni is pregnant, she shouldn’t see you drunk, it would really be bad. He says I didn’t remember. She says you will never remember it, you have to give me a written statement that you will quit alcohol.


Chakor and Suraj work on the mission to protect their country. Suraj finds Chakor getting insecure because of his closeness with Naina. Suraj and Chakor meet RAW agents and discuss the plan. Abhay tells them that Colonel is planning a big attack, they have to enter the house and spy on Colonel, if Suraj isn’t able to befriend Naina, then it will be bad. He doesn’t want to get too late in his work. He asks Suraj if he has made a place in Naina’s heart, if Naina is trusting him now. He says we have to think of some other way if Suraj is failing. Abhay sends Suraj to meet Naina. Chakor watches Suraj on the camera feed. When Suraj comes back, he finds Chakor upset. She asks him why did he not act as she told him.


Shivay and Anika decide to spy on Daksh. Shivay refuses to accept the allegations on Daksh before, but on Dadi’s insistence, he agrees to find the truth, as its about Priyanka’s entire life. He wants Priyanka to be happy. He gets convinced that Anika would not be completely wrong. He sees Anika’s struggles and believes that she isn’t a liar. He falls in her words and goes with her to spy on Daksh. He gets helpless to believe her after whatever he finds at Payal’s house. He finds Daksh with Payal. He gets close to get a clue against Daksh. Shivay and Anika hide and try to gather evidence to expose Daksh. Shivay wants to make sure that Priyanka’s future is safe. He doesn’t want to take any chance.






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