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Ranbir gets his past flashes and gets inclined towards Kritika. He realizes there is some connection between them and wonders what was those images which he saw. He has a good time at Kritika’s house as he interacts with Arun and Pummy. Akki asks everyone to pose for the selfie. While everyone is posing for the selfie, Ranbir pulls Kritika closer to him. Kritika is surprised and gets tensed as everyone is near. Ranbir shares his thoughts with Akki about Kritika. Meanwhile Jiana, tells Kritika that Ranbir can’t be wrong and asks her to talk to him once. Kritika decides to talk to him and know what happened with Malishka.

Bitti Business Wali:

Dadi shakes hand with Laddo Singh’s man and makes plan with him to trouble Bitti. He instigates Laddo Singh against Bitti. Laddo Singh comes to the shop angrily. Prema and Akshata have a tough time to hide about Bitti being Sapna ji. Their mother-in-law gets doubtful about Bitti.



Shamsher feels proud when Roop pushes Ranvir on the ground and talks about man’s doings. However, Roop sees Kamla keeping fast for Shamsher and asks about it. Kamla tells about the fast and tells that she is keeping fast for her husband’s long life, happiness and prosperity. Roop tells everyone that he will fast for his wife when he grows up. Shamsher tells him that men don’t fast. Roop tells that men are weak in comparison to women and can’t bear hunger. Shamsher gets angry and hits on the dining table angrily. Roop tries to change Shamsher’s thinking which irks him. Kamla and her daughters get tensed.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Tai ji gets doubtful and asks whose ticket it is? Bela saves Naina and Preeti. After catching Naina in theatre watching a movie with Swati, Bela gets upset with Naina and blames her for breaking her trust and taking advantage of the liberty which she gave to her. Naina gets upset and cries. Sameer calls her being worried for her, but she ignores his calls. Sameer thinks what to do to cheer her up. He plans Naina’s birthday and calls her. Naina refuses to come, but later elopes and reaches his house to celebrate her birthday with him.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Rithvik fires his assistant for spreading false rumors against Palak. Palak apologizes to Rithvik for misunderstanding him. She sees his different perspective and tells Sethu that he is not a bad guy, just hidden his emotions behind a wall of badness. She tells that he spoke his feelings out in medication state in the camp. She thinks she has to know him. Rithvik is getting softened towards her, but tells her that she is not his type of a girl and he will never fall for her. Palak smiles.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren tries to save Rachel and come to Gupta house fooling the Police. He asks her to open the door and says there is a danger inside the house. He manages to get inside the house and asks her to listen. Rachel tells him that she will kill herself if he comes near her. Naren hears bomb beeping sound and lifts the bomb in the momentum. He pushes Rachel for her safety and runs out. Naren saves Rachel and her coming baby from the blast. He does a heroic act once again and melts Pooja’s heart.

Kumkum Bhagya:
King extends friendship hand towards Abhi. Pragya tells King that they shall go and meet him in the hospital as a goodwill gesture. She goes to meet him, but Aaliya stops her and goes on blaming her for Dadi’s death and putting Abhi in that situation. She calls guards to throw Pragya out and asks them not to let her enter again. King takes a stand for Pragya’s respect.

Harman decides to leave the village, but Soumya gives him a courage and tells that they shall stay back and fight with the troubles and comes out as a winner. Harman gets happy and asks if she is his same Soumya. He feels proud of her after seeing her strong side. He wishes Soumya always stays strong and becomes his strength as well. They look ahead to their new journey.

Savitri Devi:

Veer ruins Sanchi’s muh dikhayi ceremony. He decides to see how Sanchi stays happy with Dr. Kabir in his house. Dr. Kabir stops Savitri from doing the first aarti. Sanchi says it is not needed. Veer asks Savitri to do the aarti first. Dr. Kabir says she has to change her habit and says these people never respected you and made you nurse. He says he will get her respect back which her ex-husband couldn’t do for her. Dr. Kabir forces Sanchi to do the aarti. Sanchi does aarti. Savitri and Veer get upset.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:

Siddhant suggests KK to get Anushka married to Vedant so that the latter can help them in the pharmaceutical deal. KK gets thoughtful about his suggestion. Siddhant tells Vedant that he will tell him about Anushka’s likes and dislikes. Later, he cries and thinks life is taking revenge from him, he is helpless to handover his love to someone else. Gayatri advises him to choose love over hatred if they are stuck between them. Siddhant is in dilemma.

Tu Aashiqui:

JD compels Pankti to do as he tells her if she wants to save Sheetal and Ahaan’s lives. Pankti agrees to all his conditions. He asks Pankti to become his mistress again and perform on a song like she used to do before. Pankti gets helpless and prepares for the performance. JD shows her Ahaan and Sheetal, who are close to death. He tells her that she can just save either of Sheetal and Ahaan. JD makes the game tougher for Pankti and asks her to decide whom she wants to save. Pankti gets troubled. She wants Sheetal and Ahaan to be safe. Pankti performs and sings, just for the sake of her love for Ahaan.


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