Udaan: Chakor’s insecurities to pose a hurdle for Suraj

Udaan: Chakor to get justice for Anjor's sufferings

Chakor and Suraj work on the mission to protect their country. Suraj finds Chakor getting insecure because of his closeness with Naina. Suraj and Chakor meet RAW agents and discuss the plan. Abhay tells them that Colonel is planning a big attack, they have to enter the house and spy on Colonel, if Suraj isn’t able to befriend Naina, then it will be bad. He doesn’t want to get too late in his work. He asks Suraj if he has made a place in Naina’s heart, if Naina is trusting him now. He says we have to think of some other way if Suraj is failing. Abhay sends Suraj to meet Naina. Chakor watches Suraj on the camera feed. When Suraj comes back, he finds Chakor upset. She asks him why did he not act as she told him.

Suraj tells her that he was following her instructions, the bluetooth stopped working and then he improvised everything on his own. Chakor says you should have not spoken to Naina, she may doubt on you, we may lose badly. He tells her that this was his plan to talk to Naina.

He says Shankar won’t doubt on me any way, it was not any mistake, this will benefit us, whatever I said was true, I met many people in Sundergunj, Naina is a good person, I haven’t met anyone like her till now, Naina is the best. Chakor turns jealous. Suraj shows her Naina’s kerchief and says I will meet Naina once again by this excuse. Abhay likes Suraj’s smartness and says you are really into this task. Suraj says I will befriend Naina in a way that no one doubts on me. Chakor asks him not to be overconfident. Abhay tells them that Chakor’s insecurity will bring problem for us, I didn’t wish to get her in this mission for this reason, the wife in her will object to Suraj’s way of working, her jealousy will pose many hurdles for Suraj. He thinks if he should see Chakor’s work or make her out of the team. He then realizes that she is a true patriot. He understands that its natural for Chakor to get angry seeing her husband with someone else. He tries to talk out to Chakor and ask her to calm her insecurities.



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