Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer to withdraw his support and upset Zara

Ishq SubhanAllah Elena marriage twist next

Zara accompanies Kabeer for the event. The family gets a good welcome by Miraj. Kabeer and Zara act lovey dovey in front of everyone. They get applauded for their work. Soon, they face shocking moments when the guests taunt Zara. Zara answers the guests. People oppose Kabeer and Zara to be together after divorce. They are upset with Zara about the old debate. Kabeer doesn’t want to lose clients for the important project. Miraj and Kabeer’s dad advice Kabeer to send Zara home, so that the negativity gets down. Kabeer gets upset and explains that he is still with Zara, while serving the term before divorce.

Kabeer doesn’t want his family to face humiliation. He asks Zara to leave from the inauguration event. Zara gets ousted. She leaves so that Kabeer doesn’t get more upset. Kabeer and his dad cut the ribbon and inaugurate. Kabeer gives a hearty speech. Everyone praises Kabeer. Zara goes home and gets upset thinking how she needed Kabeer’s support and he backed out. She wants to know the reason for Kabeer’s strange behavior. Kabeer faces troubles because of his divorce decision. He realizes that he has done injustice with Zara.

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