Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: A shocking entry and revelation to rock Kulfi’s life


There will be a new entry of Tevar Singh, who will be bringing big twists in Sikandar and Kulfi’s lives. He will become Kulfi’s helper. He also wants to become a successful singer like Sikandar. Tevar meets Sikandar and touches his feet. He regards Sikandar as his idol. He tries to impress Sikandar in their first meet. He hugs Sikandar and shows gratitude. Sikandar likes him. Tevar praises Sikandar for achieving a lot by his singing talents. He tells the media that Sikandar earned money, name and fame by music, he is so successful that he inspires many. He says I also want to climb the same success stairs like Sikandar and follow his steps.

He tells Sikandar that he wants to repeat the same story and achieve everything like him. Sikandar hugs him. Sikandar congratulates Tevar for his success. Tevar is launched by Lovely’s dad.

Reporter asks Sikandar if he is insecure about Tevar ruling in the music industry, he is the new music sensation. Sikandar doesn’t state any insecurity. He tells them that music industry is big and has much space for every artist to make their name. He is sure that his hard work will take him to new places. Amyra and her friends execute their plan to make Kulfi out. Amyra gives the toys to Kulfi so that she keeps Kulfi engaged in play. Amyra parties with her friends. Amyra puts Kulfi in trouble again. She thinks if Kulfi gets her father, she will leave from their lives. Amyra will lie that Tevar is Kulfi’s dad to get a solution for her problems.


Tevar visits Sikandar and tells him that they have turned into neighbors now. He gets sweets for Sikandar. Sikandar asks him to sit for a talk over tea. Tevar tells his sobbing love story. He tells her that he was in love with a rich girl, but didn’t get her in his life, he was heartbroken and then struggled to make a name in music industry. He admires and idolizes Sikandar. He tells Sikandar about his tough struggles in life. He says I feel happy that I m having tea with you today, I m your big fan, not your competitor. He hugs Sikandar. Sikandar gets glad to meet him. He tells Tevar that he will be happy to have a healthy competition between them, as their skills will get more sharper during the process.


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