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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman gets drunk. He comes home and shocks Ishita. Ishita asks him what is he doing, the family will see him like this and scold him. He forgets the way to his room. They have a moment. Simmi and Parmeet become a hurdle in their love story. Simmi finds them and asks Ishita to have some shame and romance in room. Ishita answers Simmi. Raman and Parmeet get into an argument. Raman says its my house and my wish, Parmeet is nobody to stop me. Ishita takes Raman to the room before anyone else sees him. Ishita gets much upset with him. She puts him to sleep. She recollects their past moments. Ishita tells Raman that she knows his truth, he can never do anything wrong with anyone, but he is at fault as he was drunk the day he met Tania.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

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Mandira blackmails Vijay and asks him for marriage. Mandira holds Vasu’s MMS and compels him to fake love in front of family and declare their marriage decision. Vijay acts in front of family and shows that he is happily marrying Mandira. Vijay hides the matter from the family. Mandira succeeds in her plan. Vijay holds her hand and tells her that he will marry her. Mandira and Vijay sit in the mandap. Bulbul and Dadi oppose Vijay’s decision. Bulbul asks him to leave from the mandap. Dadi asks him how can he marry Mandira, when he is already wedded to Bulbul. She scolds Mandira for blackmailing Vijay and compelling him for marriage.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren tries to hurt Pooja in front of the entire family. Pooja can’t believe it. The political problems get between them. Naren loves her a lot, but holds her neck in anger. She gets choked. Shailaja stops Naren. She tells the media about Naren’s bad move. The opposition gets angry and burns Naren’s dummy. The media exposes Naren’s bad image for being a violent husband. Pooja and Naren were looking forward to live happily. They were nearly uniting and didn’t expect this fight to happen. It so happens that Pooja learns about Angraj’s existence. She changes her decision to give up elections and return home. She can’t tell Naren about Angraj’s plotting. She joins politics again to change Angraj’s plan of killing Naren on the elections day.


Anika makes a new plan to expose Daksh. Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage date is suggested by Guru ji. The family learns the two mahurats. Guru ji tells them that Priyanka can either marry in a week or after three years. The family gets tensed by the distinctly far mahurats. Shivay announces that Priyank’s marriage will happen in a week. He does his duty as an elder brother and pleases Priyanka by his decision. Priyanka thanks and hugs him. Anika wonders why is Shivay hurrying so much, when they aren’t clear about Daksh yet. Shivay learns that Daksh can’t attend the pre-wedding puja as he is in hospital. Priyanka gets tense.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara gets heartbroken when Kabeer makes her out of the inauguration ceremony. She walks on the road and gets sad over the happening. She thinks of Kabeer’s words. She doesn’t realize that she is walking towards the rail track. A train approaches, while she doesn’t pay attention to it. Kabir finds Zara on the rail track and runs to her to save her life. He pulls back Zara and saves her from the fatal accident. He then yells at her for being so careless and not valuing the life given by Lord. She asks him to leave her. She realizes her mistake.


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