Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara and Kabeer to turn savior for each other

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Zara gets heartbroken when Kabeer makes her out of the inauguration ceremony. She walks on the road and gets sad over the happening. She thinks of Kabeer’s words. She doesn’t realize that she is walking towards the rail track. A train approaches, while she doesn’t pay attention to it. Kabir finds Zara on the rail track and runs to her to save her life. He pulls back Zara and saves her from the fatal accident. He then yells at her for being so careless and not valuing the life given by Lord. She asks him to leave her. She realizes her mistake.

He shouts on Zara and shows his tension about her safety. She is upset that he didn’t support her when she needed him. Kabeer confesses love to Zara. He holds her hand to take her home. She refuses to go, as he has not defended her in the function. Kabeer apologizes to her and tells her that he can never lose her.

Later, Kabeer falls sick and gets hospitalized. Zara worries for him and speaks to the doctor. Doctor tells her that Kabeer is suffering from pneumonia. Zeenat blames Zara for his bad state. Doctor tells the family that Zara has got Kabeer to the hospital with much difficulty, she has saved his life, she didn’t get anyone’s help and still managed the situation well. Zara tells Zeenat that she doesn’t get the credit for saving Kabeer.


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