Pooja finds Naren

Piyaa Albela: Angraj to wreck up Pooja-Naren’s lives again

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Naren tries to hurt Pooja in front of the entire family. Pooja can’t believe it. The political problems get between them. Naren loves her a lot, but holds her neck in anger. She gets choked. Shailaja stops Naren. She tells the media about Naren’s bad move. The opposition gets angry and burns Naren’s dummy. The media exposes Naren’s bad image for being a violent husband. Pooja and Naren were looking forward to live happily. They were nearly uniting and didn’t expect this fight to happen. It so happens that Pooja learns about Angraj’s existence. She changes her decision to give up elections and return home. She can’t tell Naren about Angraj’s plotting. She joins politics again to change Angraj’s plan of killing Naren on the elections day.

Pooja takes this step to save Naren’s life. She hopes that his faith doesn’t break. Naren misunderstands her. He tells her that he was hoping to reconcile. He curses himself and thinks he was a big fool to expect good from Pooja.

He gets angry when Pooja changes her decision in the last moment. He feels badly cheated by her. The family stops Naren’s angry behavior. Naren hates himself for loving Pooja. He tells Pooja that this time he won’t let her win, he will give her a tough challenge. The media creates a ruckus outside Vyas mansion. Naren holds Pooja responsible for this and throws her out of the house. Naren and Pooja meet at the polling booth. She tries to protect Naren. While he attends the media, she looks around if Angraj is close. Pooja can’t reason her decision to Naren. She feels helpless, but determines to protect Naren.







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