Dil Hi Toh Hai brings a break-up twist for Rithvik and Palak

Dil Hi Toh Hai: Rithvik and Palak’s friendship turns surprising

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Rithvik finds the lady’s fast approach to get closer to him and realizes her intentions. Palak gets restless seeing the girl intimate with him and comes out. Lady gets upset thinking he has an affair with her. Rithvik thanks Palak for saving him and hugs her. Manjeet comes there and sees them hugging each other. She gets surprised that Palak and Rithvik know each other. She had thought about Rithvik and Palak’s alliance and wanted Palak to meet him, but she ignores to know about the guy.

Rithvik gets surprised to know that Manjeet is her mother. Palak introduces them. Rithvik thinks Mother and daughter have contrast personalities. He thinks Manjeet is quite irritating as she talks about his alliance. He finds Palak to be a true girl with honest feelings, unlike other women. He couldn’t stop himself from falling in love with her.

Palak gets firm on her belief that Rithvik is faking to be arrogant and heartbreaker just to hide his good nature and feelings due to his troubled past. Rithvik and Palak’s friendship journey starts. Vijay gets impressed with Palak on the first meeting. Mamta likes Palak and thinks her charm is working on Rithvik and she finds a change in him. Samar decides not to marry Reva as he loves Radhika. Reva is mad about him and wants to marry him. Aman is Reva’s silent lover and has been hiding his feelings towards her. Rithvik doesn’t know about Aman’s feelings and hopes Samar turns out to be good for Reva.







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