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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira sits in the mandap with the groom. Dadi and Bulbul’s planning works fine. Mandira then acts dizzy to make a leave from there. Vijay gets worried for Mandira and goes to see her. Mandira plays her trick. Vijay falls in trouble because of Mandira. He gets angry on her madness. He tries hard to explain her that he doesn’t love her now. She doesn’t listen. She threatens him about Vasu’s MMS. Vijay raises hand on her and scolds her for threatening him by putting Vasu’s dignity on stake. He didn’t know Vyom will be supporting Mandira and plot such a cheap thing. Mandira tells him that he doesn’t accept her in front of the family, then she will make the MMS go viral. She knows how much Vijay loves Vasu. She is sure that he will agree to her to save Vasu and family’s respect. Vijay can do anything for family. He agrees to marry Mandira to save the family pride. His decision leaves Bulbul shattered.

Meera and Vivaan’s rain romance will be seen. They argue and have annoyance between them. Meera doesn’t want to hear his clarification. Vivaan explains her that he didn’t send the goons at her house, he was just trying to help her. He is blackmailed by Roma. He fails to explain things. They have a fight. Meera scolds Vivaan and shoves him away. Vivaan and Meera have a moment. Meera catches cold. Vivaan drinks alcohol. Meera consumes intoxicating herbal kada. They both get drunk. They have funny moments, and forget whatever happened in past two days. Meera forgives Vivaan for that phase and bonds with him. She thinks of the day when Vivaan was taking her on date. She forgets all the bitter memories. She just stays positive and thinks of their good time. Meera gets back in Vivaan’s love. Vivaan and Meera’s romantic moments will be seen. They both confess love to each other. A thief lands there and breaks their romance.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara plans a surprise for Falguni. She shows the lovely decorations. She pours kerosene oil near the decorations. She asks Falguni to light the candles. Falguni obeys her and the place catches fire. Uttara and Falguni get trapped in fire. Uttara doesn’t mend her ways. Suyash comes to their rescue. He asks Vidhaan to save Uttara, as he has to save Falguni, who is mentally a child. Uttara gets angry that Suyash didn’t choose her and went to Falguni. They pour water to blow off the fire. Suyash prefers Falguni, but seeing Uttara’s drama, he saves Uttara first. He finds Falguni inside the blazing place. Falguni shouts for help. Suyash then goes back and gets Falguni out of the room.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep looks for Aarohi. He reaches a godown and finds Roma. He points gun at her and asks her about Aarohi. Roma misleads him and tells him that he has murdered his mum. Roma tells him the fake story to play with his emotions and weaken him. She gets a chance to run away. Aarohi gets help from police. She gets freed. She finds Deep shattered and worries for him. She becomes Deep’s support again. Deep can’t handle the shocking truth. Aarohi tries to catch Roma, but the latter flees. Aarohi fails to find her. Roma succeeds in diverting Deep’s mind and fooling him. Deep gets heartbroken and messes the things kept in godown. Deep wants to punish himself. Aarohi pacifies him. Deep falls in Roma’s words and accepts the wrong perceptive.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer recovers from pneumonia. Zara stays upset with him. Kabeer tries to stop her and clarify. He faints down. Kabeer’s life got saved by Zara. The family gets thankful to Zara. Zeenat creates troubles for Zara. Zara stops Zeenat from meeting Kabeer and troubling him. She doesn’t want anyone to spoil Kabeer’s health. She waits for Kabeer to get fine and return home. Kabeer and Zara’s friend discuss about them. They realize that if Kabeer and Zara still have a relation, then their divorce will get void.
Zeenat asks Zara to leave from Kabeer’s life. Zara’s love gets revived for Kabeer. Zara tells the family that she is still Kabeer’s lawful wife, if they force her to leave, she will call the media and expose them.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja gets attacked by the goons. She travels in Naren’s car. The goons shoot at the car. She learns about Angraj. She gets angry on the goons and threatens of police. She slaps the goon. She dares them to shoot her. The goons run away. She protects Naren’s life by making Danish act as Naren. She tells Danish that she knew the goons will attack Naren, so she has made this plan. She shields Naren. Danish gets thankful to her. He realizes Pooja’s true love for Naren, and wishes Naren understands it too. She has to collect evidence against Angraj. Angraj wants to kill Naren.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Aaliya stops Pragya who is in disguise of a nurse. She doesn’t see her face. King comes to know about Pragya and Abhi’s relation truth and gets angry. He thinks how can Abhi cheat on such a good wife.

Savitri Devi:

Dr. Kabir has organized a cardiac surgery marathon in SDCH where in many Doctors will perform maximum cardiac surgeries in a day, but as the doctors catches Viral infection and get unwell, Sanchi seeks Veer’s help to perform the surgeries, hiding from Dr. Kabir. Veer comes to do the surgery forgetting the pain which Sanchi gave to him. Sanchi asks him to go to OT. Veer goes to the OT to do the surgery, just then Dr. Kabir comes there and asks Sanchi who is doing surgery. Sanchi gets tensed thinking if he sees Veer then he will stop him from doing the surgery. She stops Dr. Kabir from going to the OT.


Shamsher searches an alliance for Himani. He gets an alliance of a macho man with moustache on his face. Shamsher likes him. His subordinate tells him that the guy is having manliness like him. Himani hopes she gets her husband as loving, caring and kind as Roop. Shamsher comes home and shows the pic to his family. Roop dislikes the guy and thinks he shall do something as the guy doesn’t match to Himani’s likes. He will make Shamsher upset again. Meanwhile, Roop challenges the Police inspector to put thread in a needle. Inspector and the constable couldn’t do it. Roop laughs and says it is not easy to do woman’s work. Shamsher comes there and scolds his officers for doing womanly things.


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