Ishqbaaz, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Krishna Chali London’s big twists for the week

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Ishqbaaz: Oberois keep a special puja, so that they can keep Daksh and Priyanka’s marriage in a week’s time. Anika adds the powder in the sweets to make him fall sick. She learns that Daksh is getting ready to meet the Oberois. Anika makes a new plan to expose Daksh. She visits Daksh’s house and spies on him. She wants to stop Daksh from reaching Oberoi house. She expels the petrol from Daksh’s car. She then hides from the people. She is trying different things to stop Daksh. Daksh and his family reach Oberoi and shocks her. Daksh tells everyone that Shivay has sent a chopper for him and got them home on time.

Anika gets upset with Shivay’s move. She thinks Shivay will really regret when he learns the truth. Daksh and his family attend the puja and accept the close mahurat for the marriage. Anika fails terribly. She still determines to expose Daksh.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Divorce twist will be making Kartik and Naira away forever. Kartik and Naira don’t want their separation by heart. Their relation gets breaking by their divorce decision. The family wants them to unite. The divorce drama will be seen. They recollect their love moments and face a tough time to decide for their divorce. They still love each other. Suwarna’s rage separates them. Suwarna gets the divorce papers for them. Kartik never wished to divorce Naira. Naira too didn’t expect him to talk about divorce. They didn’t imagine they will face this way. It gets heartbreaking for them. The family also get sorrowful because of Suwarna’s anger. Suwarna pledges of not forgiving Naira.


Krishna Chali London:

Krishna raises a voice against domestic violence. She finds Gajanan beating up Lali. She has a soft corner for Lali. She calls up police to take revenge from Gajanan. She complaints about Gajanan. The police arrests Gajanan. Krishna wants Gajanan to be get punished and repent. Shukla gets a huge shock. He asks the matter. Inspector tells Shukla that its a big crime, Krishna has complaint about domestic violence and women abuse. Shukla asks inspector to just leave, maybe the call was made to police station by mistake. He says women are under control in our house, no one can speak against the family. Inspector refuses to listen. He asks Shukla to see the victim. Shukla gets angry and makes his son praise him and signify his importance. They praise Shukla for being a big businessman. Inspector doesn’t care for Shukla’s status. Shukla threatens to beat police. Inspector asks Shukla to have some manners, else he will arrest all of them. Radhe’s mum scolds Krishna for ruining their family pride. Krishna doesn’t regret for her move. She takes care of Lali.


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