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Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar loses his contracts because of Tevar. He gets tensed. Lovely supports and encourages him that no one can ruin his career. She shows her belief in his talent. He gets quite surprised. Kulfi learns about Lovely’s birthday. She wants to give a surprise to Lovely. She doesn’t have any money. She asks the servants if she can do any work and get money. She doesn’t want to take help from anyone. Kulfi worries and goes to meet Sikandar. She finds him sad and asks the matter. He tells her that he is composing a song and got stuck midway.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer plans Naina’s birthday party. They go in their car to celebrate her birthday. Meanwhile, Anand, Bela and Others plan her birthday and wait for her to come. Bela asks Preeti about Naina. Naina and Sameer enjoy their car ride while a song plays. Naina cuts her birthday cake and celebrate her first birthday with him. Sameer’s surprise makes Naina happy.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:


Sahil gets shattered once again. He loves Vedika a lot. He can’t see anyone else as his wife. He feels cheated once again, when she marries Yash. Sahil gets angry on Yash for coming between them. Yash gets the goons to beat up Sahil. He throws out Sahil from the mandap. Vedika slaps Sahil and asks him to leave. Sahil tells her that he can’t let her marriage happen with someone else, as she is just of him. Vedika asks Sahil not to make things too tough for her. He tells Vedika that he won’t forget her ever.


Preeto’s mother comes to stay at Harak Singh’s house. She comes to know about Soumya’s truth and develops hatred for her. She shakes hand with Harak Singh to separate them and tries to create misunderstanding between the couple. Harak Singh hopes Nani’s visit will be useful to him. Harman and Soumya spend some good time while setting their side of house.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mr. Bhalla slaps Raman, when Tania accuses Raman for her MMS. Raman tells the family that he didn’t do anything. Ishita defends Raman. She decides to stand by Raman, knowing he is true. She tells them that Raman respects women, he can never do this and she can’t believe this, he can never insult any woman. She supports Raman. Raman asks Tania to get evidence against him. Tania tells Raman that she has his mobile phone, which she found at her home. Raman says we don’t know what happened at your home. Tania asks how did the recording come in your phone. Ishita says you can easily use Raman’s phone and make the video, why shall we believe you. She justifies Raman.


Oberois keep a special puja, so that they can keep Daksh and Priyanka’s marriage in a week’s time. Anika adds the powder in the sweets to make him fall sick. She learns that Daksh is getting ready to meet the Oberois. Anika makes a new plan to expose Daksh. She visits Daksh’s house and spies on him. She wants to stop Daksh from reaching Oberoi house. She expels the petrol from Daksh’s car. She then hides from the people. She is trying different things to stop Daksh. Daksh and his family reach Oberoi and shocks her. Daksh tells everyone that Shivay has sent a chopper for him and got them home on time.


Soumya takes care of Nani. She cooks delicious food and serves Nani. Nani praises Soumya. She calls Harman a really lucky man to get a wife like Soumya. She will soon learn Soumya’s truth and pose a problem for her. Harman and Soumya’s cute romance will be seen. Soumya turns shy. He tells her that he has to kiss her hand 51 times to keep his promise. She hugs him with love.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Kunal and Mauli get Nandini for a burger party. They bring a smile on Nandini’s face. Mauli wishes Nandini forgets everything. They crack jokes and makes the moment memorable for Nandini. Nandini still thinks of Rajdeep’s threatening and worries.


Nikhil gets the marriage alliance for Anika. He meets Anika’s aunt. Anika meets Nikhil’s family. Pandit ji matches their kundlis and give a marriage mahurat. Anika and Nikhil feed sweets to each other. Everyone congratulates them for their marriage decision. Shivay happens to see them and asks Anika to meet Dadi. Dadi is happy with Anika’s work. She gives her some money as token to thank her for her commendable work. Nikhil turns greedy for money. He hurries for the marriage so that he can get Anika’s income, which would set his life.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:

Palak gets firm on her belief that Rithvik is faking to be arrogant and heartbreaker just to hide his good nature and feelings due to his troubled past. Rithvik and Palak’s friendship journey starts. Vijay gets impressed with Palak on the first meeting. Mamta likes Palak and thinks her charm is working on Rithvik and she finds a change in him. Samar decides not to marry Reva as he loves Radhika. Reva is mad about him and wants to marry him. Aman is Reva’s silent lover and has been hiding his feelings towards her. Rithvik doesn’t know about Aman’s feelings and hopes Samar turns out to be good for Reva.

Bitti Business Wali:
Virender sees Bitti talking to Mahi in the night outside their house. He gets angry and complains to Dadi that she is talking shamlessly with Mahi, without thinking about family’s respect. Dadi tells him that she will talk to her. Pavitra couldn’t bear anything against her and tells Virender that Mahi is trying to handle the responsibilities and expenses of the house which even her brothers couldn’t do. She calls them shameless and tells that Bitti is forced to do work as they are useless.


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