Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Divorce twist to bring jitters for KaiRa

Naira to share a positive news with Kartik

Kartik and Naira have a talk in the college. The students gossip that Kartik is having a girlfriend. This gets heard by Suwarna, which reaches the college to surprise Kartik. She tries to see the girl and misses out to see Naira. Suwarna meets Kartik and finds a change in him. She fears of losing him. She recollects her constant dream. Kartik and Naira’s bond gets known to Suwarna. They have a moment in the lab. Suwarna happens to see them, and gets angry. Suwarna convinces Kartik for remarriage. Kartik finds it a wrong decision, but unwillingly gives his nod for Suwarna’s sake. Suwarna asks him to divorce Naira and end ties with Singhanias. She doesn’t forgive Naira. Kartik gets hurt by Suwarna’s demand. He meets Naira with the divorce papers. Naira sees her bridal dress and sindoor. She gets emotional.

She has many shattered dreams in her eyes. She sees Kartik’s picture and wishes he could wait for her and turn back for calling her back in his life. Kartik sees his wedding ring and Naira’s picture. He wishes she could understand him once. They will be facing the divorce twist. Naira feels it takes many years to make a relation.

On the other hand, Kartik feels a moment is enough to break a relation. KaiRa sees their wedding picture breaking. Kartik signs the divorce papers. Naira took signs the papers with a heavy heart. The court gives them a chance to reconcile. The judge asks them to work out the relationship in their final chance. KaiRa gets six months time to revive their relationship. They have the option of getting divorced if nothing gets fine between them.


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