Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Suwarna to bring a new storm in KaiRa’s love tale

YRKKH: Kartik to make a shocking request to Suwarna

Kartik and Naira feel lonely after coming home, without their families. They miss each other in their lives. They wish they could live with their families, if everything had been fine. Kartik tries to find about Naira’s injury. Dadi overhears Kartik’s conversation with the doctor. Kartik tells Dadi about Naira’s injury. He leaves for college. Suwarna also reaches the college to meet him. Goenka family wishes Kartik and Naira to unite. They like to spend time with Singhanias. They wish that KaiRa’s union make their terms golden like before. Tanvi rushes to meet Naira. The students gossip that Naira is dating Kartik. Tanvi doesn’t believe it. The students ask Tanvi not to defend her. Naira gets to learn the matter. She thanks Tanvi for supporting her.

The students realize that Kartik and Naira really have their love story going on. Kartik gets angry on the students on hearing their nonsense. Lav and Kush meet Naksh and Kirti. They happily spend time with Singhanias. Devyaani worries for Suwarna’s reaction. She doubts that Suwarna may end their relationships again. Naksh gets hopeful that everything will get fine. Suwarna looks for Kartik. Kartik stays concerned for Naira. The students get another chance to joke on them. Kartik tries to talk to her about the injury. The students laugh on their bonding. Kartik indirectly asks Naira to meet him for a talk. Tanvi asks Naira if there is anything going on. Naira denies the rumors.

Suwarna and Naira have a hit and miss at the college. Kartik meets Naira and asks her about her medical treatment. He tells her that he met a doctor and consulted on her behalf to know about the surgery, by which her leg injury can be treated completely.


Suwarna learns that Kartik is dating someone. She worriedly rushed to see Kartik’s girlfriend. Dean welcomes Suwarna. She goes to meet Kartik. Kirti and Naksh have happy moments with Lav and Kush. Tanvi realizes Kartik and Naira are really having a love bond, after watching their gestures. Naira tells Naitik about Kartik arranging a doctor for her treatment. He asks her to respect Kartik’s efforts and tell him the cause of injury. Naira decides to tell Kartik about her injury.

Suwarna tells Manish that she has drove down to Mumbai to surprise Kartik. Manish gets a huge shock and fears that Suwarna can see Naira there. Dean tells Suwarna that Kartik isn’t free to meet, he will come to meet her once he finishes his lecture. He tells her about Kartik’s excitement over the family gathering for Kirti’s anniversary. Suwarna gets angry. She tries to know about Kartik, and finds him with Naira.


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