Dil Hi Toh Hai brings a break-up twist for Rithvik and Palak

Dil Hi Toh Hai: Rithvik to bash up Samar for his big cheat

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Palak calls Radhika and comes to know that she is in the hospital. Doctor talks to her and informs that Radhika came to her hospital for abortion. Palak is surprised to know about her pregnancy. She comes to the hospital and asks Radhika about her pregnancy. Radhika tells her that Samar is her baby’s father, he is the same guy who is getting married to Reva. Palak decides to stop Samar and Reva’s marriage. She confronts Samar. Reva asks Manjeet not to let Radhika come there.

Samar gets married to Radhika in the temple on knowing about her pregnancy. He kisses on her forehead and gets leaving from the temple when Rithvik and Vijay come there. Rithvik beats him badly angrily and asks how dare he to ditch his sister. Radhika and Vijay try to stop him. Samar gets injured. Rithvik doesn’t know what to do as his sister Reva is waiting for him at their house for wedding. Rithvik will soon learn that Palak has supported Radhika and Samar for their marriage and united them. This will bring a big rift in their friendship. It is yet to be seen if Rithvik and Palak’s new friendship have a rough patch.







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