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    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Manish calls up Dadi and tells her that Suwarna is at the college, she has gone to surprise Kartik. He asks Dadi to do something and stop Suwarna. Dadi asks him to deal with the consequences, as they can’t be afraid of Suwarna now, they have to unite the families and KaiRa, the situation should change, and this is fate because of which Suwarna went there this way. Suwarna gets clueless about Kirti’s anniversary party. She calls up Kirti to know about the party. She wishes Kirti on her anniversary. Kirti doesn’t tell her about the party with KaiRa. Suwarna asks Kirti how did they celebrate the anniversary. Kirti lies to her. Suwarna feels hurt that the entire family lied to her. She rushes to meet Kartik. Naira gets a hope to dance again, and thinks to get the surgery done. She gets happy with Kartik’s efforts. Manish and Dadi fear for Suwarna’s reaction. They wish all the problems to end in Kartik’s life.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Roshni returns to Bhalla house and gets too pampered by the elders. Aaliya tells them that she will look after Roshni as before. She wants Roshni to stay fine so that she delivers a healthy baby. Aaliya takes up Roshni’s responsibility. She asks all the elders to have some rest. Ruhi makes space for Ishita in Raman’s room. She asks Raman not to behave such. She tells Raman that he should share his cupboard with Ishita. He refuses to do it. He doesn’t want anyone to force him. Roshni apologizes to Aaliya. She feels sorry to have a relation with Adi and breaking Aaliya and Adi’s bond. Aaliya tells Roshni that she can never forgive her for snatching Adi. She reveals that she will snatch her baby soon, so that she can go through the same pain. She gets upset that Ishita wasn’t with her and chose to be with Roshni just because of this child.


    After a moment of unspoken love between Shivay and Anika, they realize their wounds and do the needful aid. Priyanka does the aid to Shivay’s wound. She gets busy on a call. Shivay fails to do the aid himself. Anika helps him out and asks him to care for his wound. He asks her to think of her wound. They both realize they can’t see each other hurt. Their silent love and eye-stares go on. Shivay asks her to apply haldi lep to her wound as well. Priyanka asks Daksh to consume the shagun sweets and come home on time. Daksh eats the sweets on her saying. He falls sick as per Anika’s plan. He tells Priyanka that he had the sweets just for her sake. She realizes that he has fallen ill and has terrible stomach ache. She informs Shivay that Daksh may not come in the puja. He tells her that its utmost important for fulfilling the rituals. He tells Guru ji that Daksh will come on time, as he has sent a doctor home for treating Daksh.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Shil Aditya tells Antara that he had no knowledge about Eshwarya and Chegu’s alliance. Chegu tells him that Eshwarya and he are in love. Antara tells him that Eshwarya and Chegu are opposites and fell in love, they will be good together. Shil Aditya tells her that Chegu is a good person, but he isn’t able to see him suitable for Eshwarya. He tells her that its a mismatch and he can never allow for this alliance forming. He tells them that he will call Eshwarya and ask her whom she wants to marry. He takes some time from Chegu. Antara asks Chegu not to compel Shil Aditya and let him give his decision the other day. Dharani tells Chegu that Eshwarya will never marry him.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Shukla bounds Krishna at home. He doesn’t permit her to go out. He asks Radhe to control his wife. He instructs his wife to dominate Krishna before things go out of hand. Shukla keeps Radhe and Krishna away. The family worries because of Krishna. Krishna cries seeing the bad behavior of family. She feels sorry for Radhe, who bears all the troubles because of her. She gets Bua’s call and shares the matter with her. She wants to participate in the competition for Radhe’s sake. Shukla takes Radhe to his shop and asks him to keep money for his personal expenses. He asks Radhe not to let Krishna make more mistakes. He wants Radhe to lead his life like before. He asks Radhe to learn his teachings and not listen to Krishna.

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