Krishna Chali London: Shukla’s dominating madness to irk Krishna

Krishna Chali London: Shukla seeks Krishna's help

Shukla bounds Krishna at home. He doesn’t permit her to go out. He asks Radhe to control his wife. He instructs his wife to dominate Krishna before things go out of hand. Shukla keeps Radhe and Krishna away. The family worries because of Krishna. Krishna cries seeing the bad behavior of family. She feels sorry for Radhe, who bears all the troubles because of her. She gets Bua’s call and shares the matter with her. She wants to participate in the competition for Radhe’s sake. Shukla takes Radhe to his shop and asks him to keep money for his personal expenses. He asks Radhe not to let Krishna make more mistakes. He wants Radhe to lead his life like before. He asks Radhe to learn his teachings and not listen to Krishna.

Radhe meets Saajan and tells him how Shukla has paid him to stay spoilt. Saajan asks him what did Krishna do. He learns everything and feels Krishna did wrong. He asks Radhe to just focus on his married life and avoid family tensions. He asks Radhe to be the boss. Saajan’s wife shows him who’s the boss and punishes him.

Bua meets Krishna at Shukla house and learns the problems she is facing. Krishna lightens her heart. Bua bears the taunts from Radhe’s family. She handles everything and asks Krishna not to worry. Krishna tells her about the couple competition. She asks Bua to do something and guide her. She tells Bua that Radhe got much beaten up and lost his smile after losing the bike. Bua asks her not to go against her in-laws, since Shukla is hot-tempered. Krishna asks Bua to let her do the needful as she wants to do good for Radhe’s sake. Bua agrees to help Krishna. Shukla learns about the uninvited guest and shows anger once again.


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