Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Mohendar determines to get Kulfi’s rights


Lovely gets a beautiful surprise from Sikandar and Amyra. Lovely cuts the cake with Sikandar. She gets happy when he sings a sweet song for her. Amyra gets all their attention. She corners Kulfi. Mohendar feels bad and goes away. He tells Bebe that they are hiding the truth from Sikandar because of Lovely and Amyra. He cries out his frustration. He says we are doing wrong with Kulfi, do we realize that we are hurting her heart, we are breaking her hopes, she will break down when she grows up and knows the truth.

Bebe doesn’t want Sikandar to know the truth, since that will break his family. Lovely spends time with Sikandar. She puts efforts to make her relation fine. Sikandar plays guitar and sings for her. She hugs him. She tells him that she didn’t expect this surprise from him. He also wants things to get fine between them.

Kulfi sees Lovely’s party from far. She gets stomach ache. She misses out to wish Lovely. She tries to reach Sikandar. Sikandar gets busy with his family. Kulfi bears the pain. She doesn’t understand that Amyra has intentionally done this. Amyra dislikes Kulfi. She doesn’t want Kulfi to become the star of the party. Sikandar wants his family to stay united and happy. He likes the happy moments between them. Lovely gets many gifts. Amyra gifts Lovely a pendant and surprises her. Lovely likes Amyra’s choice.


Mohendra is troubled as he knew Kulfi’s truth and failed to get her rights. He asks Bebe what are they doing till now, they are hiding Kulfi’s truth and lying to Sikandar every time. He wants Bebe to understand him. He says Kulfi is a young kid and thinks she will get her dad some day, she doesn’t know that Sikandar is her dad and she will never get his love. Bebe doesn’t want Kulfi’s truth to get revealed. He tells her that they have to protect Kulfi’s future and do justice, they can’t tell her Sikandar’s truth, but they can raise Kulfi well and give her all the rights which Amyra holds. He faces the dilemma. He wants to do right with Kulfi. He feels its enough now. He can’t see Kulfi bearing all the sorrows alone.


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