Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Bhallas get hopeful of IshRa’s togetherness

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Raman and Ishita have a fight for the pillow. She calls him a pillow thief. He asks her why is she taking all the pillows. They have a cute argument. He tells her that the AC isn’t working in the room. She asks him to sleep on the ground, else he will develop a backpain by sleeping on the couch. He doesn’t listen to her and asks her to just sleep. Ruhi and Roshni like their fighting. They get hopeful that Raman and Ishita will come closer soon. Ruhi wishes the child ends all the problems in the family. Roshni thinks to leave soon once she delivers the baby. Raman and Ishita get concerned for each other. Raman gets back ache and lies to Ishita. She realizes that he is hiding his pain for his own reasons. He asks her to stay away from him. She tries to help him out, but he limits her.

Simmi creates a scene on seeing Raman sleeping in the living room. She finds a chance to blame Ishita again. Raman tells Simmi that the room AC isn’t working, even Ishita slept in the living room. He asks Simmi not to pose problems for him. Ishita worries for Raman’s pain. She wants to provide him some relief. Simmi feels insecure and thinks Ishita is weakening her place in the family. Mrs. Iyer and Simmi decide to meet Vijay. Ishita greets her mum. She tries to make her relations fine with her family. Raman gets irritated by the pain. Ishita asks Raman why did he get adamant and sleep on couch, knowing his back problems. She gives him a relief balm. Raman fails to use it and dumps it.

Ishita finds him too adamant. Roshni wonders if she took any wrong decision by shifting to Bhallas. Ishita tells Roshni that she didn’t have a fight with Raman. She assures that everything is fine between Raman and her. Mrs. Iyer meets Vijay and realizes that he is her old friend.

She gets glad to meet him and asks him about Simmi’s appointment. She tells him that Simmi isn’t good hearted and asks him to help her in teaching a lesson to Simmi. He agrees to help her. She wants to distract Simmi so that Ishita’s life doesn’t get more troubles. Ishita tells Raman that she can really help him. He doesn’t want her to interfere in his work. The family learns that Romi is planning to shift to his new house. Romi feels off to clarify it to Mihika. She asks Romi if his loan got sanctioned. He tells her that he can’t live with family now. He is sure that Mihika will like the house.

Simmi meets Vijay. He tells her that he can see every tension on her face. She finds him a great man to know everything about her life. She asks him to suggest some remedy so that she can get rid of Ishita. He fools her. She gets tricked by Mrs. Iyer. She believes his word. She just wants Ishita out of sight. Raman enjoys the food and hides his backache. Ruhi tells him that they all know his back problem. Ishita asks Raman to take his help and admit that he really has pain. The family likes their cute arguments.







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