Dil Hi Toh Hai brings a break-up twist for Rithvik and Palak

Dil Hi Toh Hai (PicFiction): High drama in Noon family post Reva’s heartbreak

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Reva gets heartbroken by Samar’s cheat. She sheds tears when she learns about Samar’s marriage. Rithvik and Vijay break the sad news to her. They tell her that Reva won’t get married. Vijay tells her that he scolded Samar and told him that he doesn’t deserve Reva. She asks him what’s the matter. He tells her that Samar married someone else. She gets angry knowing about Samar and Radhika’s marriage. She loves Samar a lot. She tells them that she wants Samar at any cost. She doesn’t know how to react. She gets adamant. They explain her that Samar isn’t suitable for her. Rithvik cries seeing her silent sorrow. The family consoles Reva.

Samar turns up to apologize to Reva. Rithvik and his brother throw out Samar from the home. Reva asks them to let her talk to Samar once. The family gets angry on Samar. Their happiness gets shattered. Reva confronts Samar for cheating her.

Samar explains that though he has broken her heart, he would have failed to keep her happy if he married her. He reveals about Radhika’s pregnancy. He tells the truth about Radhika and his relation. Reva didn’t expect him to do this. She asks him how could he do this. Samar says I told you that I m not happy with this marriage and don’t want to marry you.

She asks what rubbish are you saying, don’t play games. He tells them that Reva already knew that he loves Radhika and ignored everything. Vijay says the matter ends here, Samar has married Radhika. Reva doesn’t tell the family that she knew about Samar’s affair. Samar tells them that its Reva’s fault that she didn’t understand his wish and forced him for marriage, so he had to back out. She denies Samar’s words and cries out in anger.

Rithvik asks Reva if Samar is saying true, why didn’t you tell us if Samar didn’t love you and didn’t wish to marry you. Reva says because I love him, I thought everything will get fine after marriage, I had hopes from him, I couldn’t afford to lose him, what’s the big deal if he loves someone else, why are you interfering in my life, you have many affairs, did we ever ask you about your affairs, why are you judging me and Samar, you will never get serious. She taunts that Rithvik is her stepbrother. She loses senses in anger and hurt Rithvik’s heart by her harsh words. Rithvik gets heartbroken on hearing Reva. The family tries to stop their arguments. They make Samar leave the house. The marriage breaking blame will come on Palak, and worsen her friendship with Rithvik.







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