Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika to have an ‘engagement’ moment


Shivay and Anika come together once again by the twist of fate. Shivay and Tia are getting engaged. Anika manages all the arrangements for the engagement. She tries to perfect things to please Shivay, since he gets upset with her on Daksh’s matter. Tia’s engagement ring gets delivered at home. Shivay asks Anika to try the ring. Shivay gets confused about the ring. Anika asks how can I wear this ring. He says I just have to see how this ring looks, if I don’t like it, I can get it changed by the jeweller in time. He asks her to wear it. She resists. He makes her wear the ring. The ring gets stuck in Anika’s finger. She tells him that the ring isn’t getting off. He holds her hand and tries to get the ring. They have a moment.

Shivay and Anika feel odd for an instance. He clarifies that he was just checking the ring appearance to try more options. Anika tells him that she will get the ring some how. Anika fails to remove the ring.

Shivay and Tia meet for the engagement. Tia acts sweet and understanding when she learns that Shivay couldn’t get the ring for her. She tells him that she can wear her own ring by his hands and get engaged. Priyanka happily gets the rings. Shivay gets glad and makes her wear her ring. They both get engaged. Tia doesn’t know if Anika planned to get the ring from Shivay. Tia is hopeful that her love will change Shivay and make him fall in love. Tia doesn’t think much. She doesn’t react seeing the ring in Anika’s hand. Shivay clarifies to Tia that he was just trying the ring on Anika. Tia tells him that she understands him. Everyone congratulates Shivay and Tia. They all share some good hugs and wishes. Shivay recollects his accidental engagement with Anika.


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