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    Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
    Mariam celebrates happiness with the family during Mahira’s haldi ceremony. Aayat wants to take advantage of the celebrations and take away Mariam. She tries to get close to Mariam. She helps Madiha in work to look positive. She impresses everyone by her efforts. Madiha tells the dhol artists that she didn’t invite them. Aayat tells her that she has called them, as there is a marriage function at home, they should sing and dance to enjoy well. Madiha says its just a small function. Aayat asks Madiha to leave her worries.

    Everyone dances and celebrates. Mahira stays worried, while Zain makes an entry with his family. Madiha welcomes them. Rifat compliments them for the wonderful arrangements. She gets happy with Mahira and Zain’s pairing. Aayat makes Mahira dance with everyone. Everyone stays happy. Aayat wants to kidnap Mariam. She tries to fool everyone by appearing happy and busy in arrangements. Aayat will soon show her true face and snatch Mariam from them.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Simmi’s maid Manjiri tells Simmi that Mrs. Iyer fooled her by joining the astrologer. Simmi gets angry knowing the truth and decides to take revenge from Ishita. She comes up with an evil plan. She asks Manjiri to do her work and follow her orders. She bribes the maid. Raman asks Romi if he is joining the rival company. He gets angry that Romi is insulting them this way. Romi tells Raman that he was just considering the offer. Manjiri steals Raman’s phone while he stays busy in the argument. Simmi wants to teach a lesson to Iyers. Simmi calls up her friend and reveals her plan. Iyers spend time with Ishita. Ishita gets happy to find her same place in the family. She tells her parents that Romi is facing a financial problem, and she wants to help him by giving her investments. They allow her to go ahead.


    Shivay stops Anika back and asks her to try the ring, so that he can check it and explore more options. Anika doesn’t want to wear it, as her hand has swelling. She tells him that she isn’t able to wear the ring. He asks her to wear it the right way. He makes Anika wear the ring. The moment stops for them. They have an extended eyelock. Shivay doesn’t feel like leaving her hand. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He calls her extraordinarily beautiful. He gets lost in his eyes. Anika asks Shivay what is he doing. He tells her that he is praising the ring, it will suit Tia a lot. He gets happy that the ring won’t get off her hand. He hides his intentions and wants to cancel her engagement with Nikhil. He acts desperate for a moment. Anika tries to remove the ring. She fails to do so.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naira doesn’t want to have any new hopes of reconciliation. She tells Suwarna that she has decided to part ways with Kartik, she doesn’t want to come between Suwarna and Kartik. She finds it tough to tell Kartik. Kirti gets disturbed seeing the papers. She asks Naira not to divorce Kartik, as this will end their relation forever. She asks Naira not to let their emotions control them into making wrong decisions. Naira tells Kirti that its better that they end relations and move on in life, as Suwarna also wants the same. She wants the wait to end somewhere. She tells Kirti that Kartik still has bitterness in his heart even when they kept meeting each other. She feels the good emotions got replaced by hatred, so its better that they get separated and end the old things. She wants to forget Kartik and move on. She doesn’t think Kartik will unite with her.

    Jiji Maa:
    Uttara gets angry on stupid Shom. She scolds him for breaking her happy dream. She tells him that very soon she will be getting the entire property on Vidhaan’s name. Jayant feels proud to be Suyash’s dad. Uttara wants Suyash to sign the legal papers and lose everything. Niyati wishes to stop Falguni. Suyash runs away with the papers. Suyash stops her and gets the papers from her. Suyash tells the good news to Vidhaan. Vidhaan asks him what’s the surprise. Suyash tells his decision to name everything to him. Uttara feels her wish is getting fulfilled. Suyash tells Vidhaan that he doesn’t want anything, as his brother is more important to him. Vidhaan stops Suyash and tears the papers. He tells Suyash that he is selfless, and he feels proud that his elder brother manages everything.

    He doesn’t want any property. He stops Suyash from giving anything to him. He tells everyone that Suyash is trustworthy and he doesn’t need to verify this. He just takes Suyash’s blessings. He asks Suyash to always love him. Suyash and Vidhaan prove that they are really selfless and loving. Jayant tells Uttara that their sons will never fight for the property, all thanks to the good values she has fed in them. Niyati gets happy with the series of events. She performs a puja along with Falguni, which irks Uttara. Niyati likes Vidhaan’s gesture and gives him a good surprise. She feels proud of him for valuing relations more than property. Vidhaan tells Niyati that he has changed much all thanks to her.

    They admire each other. Uttara turns angry that she lost everything because of Vidhaan’s stupidity. Shom scares Uttara further that she may lose her place in the house. Falguni compels Uttara to have chips. Uttara pampers her in front of Suyash. She thinks to get rid of Falguni some way. She plans to hurt Falguni.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Angad gets delighted that he didn’t get harm by the water. He thinks its his powers that protected him. Shil Aditya guides Pranali through the rest of the rituals, which will make her achieve the ultimate powers. They make a leave from the place. Angad doesn’t learn about the place, as he stays blindfolded. Everyone worries for Pranali’s marital relation. Shil Aditya asks Pranali to punish Angad for the deceive. Angad lies to them that Kalindi has instigated him to steal the potion. He fails to give any proof in his defense. Shil Aditya suspects that Angad and Kalindi/Madhumali are upto something.

    Angad cooks up a convincing story. He tells them that Kalindi planned to make him appear as a culprit in front of them. He pleads guilty. Pranali gets believing him. Shil Aditya tells her that Angad is truly planning against Maling. Eshwarya and Garima have an argument over Adhivanth’s marriage alliance.

    Eshwarya finds Garima too upset. Shil Aditya and Pranali find Angad missing from the palace. A search begins for Angad. Garima gets mistaken after talking to Arak. He tells her that Adhivanth doesn’t love her as she is short, he loves Eshwarya. Garima gets a big shock. Shil Aditya asks Pranali to stay alert beforehand and find Angad, since he can’t disappear this way. Pranali’s marriage gets more complicated because of the suspicion on Angad. Angad shares the happenings with Madhumali. He tells her that he had a good experience as he convinced Shil Aditya about his positivity. Madhumali plans a demonic attack on Maling.

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