TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Ishq Subhanallah:
Kabir tries to take permission from his father so that he can go. His father asks him not to go out. Kabir goes to meet Zara’s father ignoring his father’s words. He apologizes to Qazi Saheb as he wants to make the remaining days of divorce special. Zara also puts in her efforts to make the remaining days peaceful. Kabir’s father gets upset with him and asks why did you go when you are unwell. He asks if Qazi Saheb is more important than him. Kabir says it is not like that, I know you are my father, but now I don’t need anyone support, not even you. The track is focused on strong social message if a woman’s approval needed for marriage, then why the woman’s decision doesn’t matter in case of Talaq. Zeenat asks her husband to make her wear anklet and hugs him. Zara gets tensed seeing money with Kabir and doesn’t know where he got it. She shares her concern with Kabir’s mum.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika does Puja in the temple and asks Tantrik Baba to tell the solution to save Sahil. Tantrik Baba asks her to take 1100 rounds around the tree bare feet, keeping kalash on her head. Vedika does the parikrama as she blames herself for his condition. She wants him to get fine. Sahil is in the coma after his fight with Yash as Vedika married the latter. Yash gets angry on Vedika and tortures her for going to meet Sahil. Vedika reminds him that she has married him against her wish. She stops him from his misbehavior. Yash rages and reprimands her for cheating him. Vedika gets hurt.

Piya Albela:


Pooja cries thinking where is Naren when she finds the tracker garland fallen there. Angraj comes in front of Pooja in Naren’s face and asks if she is searching for him. Pooja runs to hug him thinking him to be Naren. Angraj moves away. Pooja falls and gets a bit hurt. Angraj smiles. Pooja is clueless and finds his behavior strange. She identifies him with his touch and thinks he is not Naren. She confronts him asking where is Naren. Angraj laughs. She decides to search Naren and expose Angraj.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:

Anushka decides to marry Vedant. Vedant brings his parents to KK’s house to get the alliance fix and thanks Siddhant for helping him understanding Anushka. Anushka gets hurt that Siddhant helped Vedant to woo her. They fix Anushka and Vedant’s alliance. Siddhant feels pain. Hira finds out about the laptop using which Sudhanshu and Goel’s pictures were sent to KK. She tells everyone that the laptop was recently repaired and she found that receipt in Siddhant’s house. She tells KK that Siddhant is the one who mailed him those pics as she got the receipt in his drawer. She questions Siddhant in front of KK. Siddhant is speechless as KK looks at him waiting for an explanation.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:

Rithvik blasts his anger on Palak for hiding about Samar’s affair with Radhika. He breaks friendship with her for breaking his trust. Palak asks him to leave and says she don’t want to talk if he comes to conclusion so soon. He gets angry at her and vents out his pain in front of her. He calls her cheap and says she is like any other woman. Later, Palak tells Sethu about Rithvik’s anger and tells that she will not go to convince him or will give him any explanation. Rithvik is sad that Reva called him stepbrother and couldn’t bear his pain. Ananya tells him that she knows Reva and she will forget Samar soon. Palak decides to resign from her job and thinks she will never go to Rithvik’s office again.


Omkara and Rudra try to find out why is Shivay behaving so weird. They realize that Shivay has feelings for Anika. They want Shivay to admit his feelings before he marries Tia, so that his love story can actually get completed. They want to help their brother, knowing Shivay is not able to speak out his feelings. They make a special plan and spike the drink so that Shivay confesses love to Anika. Shivay consumes the drink. He feels drowsy and goes to his room. He self talks and expresses his emotions. He sees Anika and gives the same drink to her. Anika too gets dizzy.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Naina and Sameer are returning home after celebrating her birthday, but the car doesn’t start. They get tensed and take the lift from strangers. Police stop the car and arrest Naina–Sameer along with the strangers on charges on drunken driving. They couldn’t reach home and learns a big lesson of lying to family members. Naina feels humiliated in the Police station when Police question her. Also, Arjun and Shefali’s affair will be known to everyone and a big drama will happen to lead to their separation from their families.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita becomes Raman’s support once again. Tania gets the NGO women to Raman’s office to blacken his face and punish him. She wants Raman to get humiliated. Ishita wants to fail Tania’s planning. She gets the person related to the NGO woman. She tells them that she will answer Tania’s allegations in her own language. She asks the lady to blacken her husband’s face first. The lady asks what does she mean to say. Ishita tells the lady that Raman is innocent. She blames the man for making her MMS. The lady asks Ishita to stop her nonsense, she trusts her husband and knows he can never do such a cheap thing, he is a respectable lawyer.


Suraj and Naina enjoy in Geeta’s party. Naina likes Suraj and sees a life partner in him. Suraj tries to end all her fears. They have a dance performance in the party. Suraj tells everyone that Naina is a great dancer. Everyone compliments Naina for her dancing skills. Naina’s friends thank Suraj for making them Naina’s new side. Naina learns that her dad has arrived in the party. She tries to hide Suraj. She asks Geeta not to let her dad see Suraj. Geeta helps Suraj rush away before Colonel reaches.

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