Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita defines a true companion yet again

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Ishita becomes Raman’s support once again. Tania gets the NGO women to Raman’s office to blacken his face and punish him. She wants Raman to get humiliated. Ishita wants to fail Tania’s planning. She gets the person related to the NGO woman. She tells them that she will answer Tania’s allegations in her own language. She asks the lady to blacken her husband’s face first. The lady asks what does she mean to say. Ishita tells the lady that Raman is innocent. She blames the man for making her MMS. The lady asks Ishita to stop her nonsense, she trusts her husband and knows he can never do such a cheap thing, he is a respectable lawyer.

Ishita tells the lady that she has a proof with her, she can show the video. The lady asks Ishita not to accuse her husband this way. Ishita says even big personalities are stooping low these days, the way you believe your husband, I also believe my husband, Raman can never do such a bad thing, he is a respectable businessman. She asks the NGO women to think if Tania’s blames are true about Raman.

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Ishita tells them that Raman is a family man, he has two daughters, he can’t badly eye any woman, he can never misbehave with anyone, he is really a disciplined man. She says I know my husband very well. She challenges to expose Tania. She asks Tania to say the truth and save herself, there is still time. Tania asks why will I lie, your husband planted his phone and made the MMS. Ishita says give me two days time and then you can see what I will do.

Raman gets tensed and appears sick. Ishita gets worried for him. Ishita tells Raman that everything will get fine. She supports Raman like she always does, and makes Bhallas proud once again. Raman and Ishita have much love in their relation. Ishita tells the family that she will prove Raman innocent. Tania will be dying, which will be failing Simmi and Parmeet’s plan. Simmi didn’t wish Tania to die. She informs Parmeet that Tania’s death will be a big trouble for them.







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