Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naitik to denounce KaiRa’s divorce


Naitik gets upset with Naira and asks her about the legal papers. He scolds her for deciding the divorce. He tries to burn the papers. Naira stops him. He asks her why did she wait for two years if she had to divorce Kartik. He scolds her for not consulting him and breaking her marriage. He tells her that he will not let the divorce happen. He says you can’t do what you want all the time, we all have hopes, we have seen Kartik and you together on the anniversary day, why didn’t you leave the college and building if Kartik doesn’t matter to you, you didn’t grow up so much that you do such mistakes. He says everything won’t happen like Kartik and his family wish, you can’t teach me.

Naira tells him that she has grown up and can take her own decisions. He gets hurt by her words. He tells her that its really upsetting for him as she has given up all hopes and ruined their dreams as well. He scolds Naksh for supporting Naira in her madness. He says Naira is not able to think well as this time, you should have guided her and stopped her from deciding the divorce.

Naira tells him that there is no hope left in Kartik and her relation, because of Suwarna. Naitik tells her that everyone has witnessed Kartik and her love bonding, they just can’t give up their happiness by getting afraid of Suwarna. He asks Naira why did she give false hopes to them if she had to do this. Naira is helpless. She fails to explain him the reason for this decision. Naitik asks Naira to go ahead if she has decided this. Naksh tells Naitik that they have to support Naira this time. Naitik doesn’t want to listen to his children. He feels its really a big blunder, Naira’s entire life will be shattered by the divorce. Naksh consoles Naira and tells her that Naitik will soon understand her decision. Suwarna gets happy when Kartik decides to divorce Naira. Suwarna thanks Kartik and cooks his favorite dishes. Kartik understands Naira’s decision, while Naira understands his helplessness.


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