Chandrashekhar to mark its closure with a saddening climax


Veer Bhadra informs John Knott Bower about Chandra meeting the HSRA members at some park. John sends the CID team to verify if the news is true. He wants to nab Azad and kill him to put an end to the revolutionary acts. On the other hand, Bhagat is happy to sacrifice his life and accepts the death sentence with a hope that his sacrifice won’t go waste, the people of the nation will take a call on hearing about the youth’s deaths. He tells his mates that the nation will awaken and take their freedom fight seriously. He doesn’t oppose the Britishers’ judgement and stays relaxed. He waits for the day when he will get hanged.

Rajguru and Sukhdev also get the death sentence, even when they weren’t at fault in the assembly smoke bomb attack incident. Bhagat tells them that their bloodshed will get freedom for their country. Chandra aims to plan an action to free Bhagat and other members.

Bhagat outright refuses to flee from the jail. Chandra reaches the park to discuss the action with Rudra Narayan and others. The CID informs John about Chandra/Azad’s presence at the park. John issues the open firing command to ensure that Chandra dies any how. Chandra gets caught up badly, and recollects his promise to Bismil that he will never be caught by the British police. He tells himself that he will always be Azad/free and shoots himself in order to avoid the capture. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru get hanged to death. After the brave freedom revolutionaries give up their lives, the country India is seen achieving its independence. It gets evident that Bhagat’s word turned true. The sacrifice of noble and selfless warriors did not go in vain.



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