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Jiji Maa

Mayavi Maling: Madhumali comes back to form and attacks on Eshwarya and Garima. She punishes them for interfering in her work. Maharaj Shil Aditya and his wives run to save Garima’s life. Chegu steps in there in time and counters Madhumali’s attack. He saves Garima’s life. Chegu comes as a relief for Malign. He attacks Madhumali by his fire powers. Madhumali is much experienced in handling her powers. She enjoys the fight with Chegu. Angad doesn’t know about Eshwarya’s move to fill in lake water in the arrow and attack Madhumali. Angad shoots the arrow and soon gets to see Marekeyasur in front of him. It gets shocking for everyone to see Angad’s demonic side. Angad greets his real father. He pays honor to his Lord, which shocks Maling. Pranali realizes that she has got married to a demon. She feels miserable and pities herself. Madhumali stays unharmed.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Manish gets upset with Suwarna for risking her life and not thinking about others related to her. He asks Suwarna if she didn’t think of him, as she refused to meet him in the hospital. He asks her if she wants to end ties with him, if she wants to stay with just Kartik. He asks her to not make things worse for everyone. He threatens of harming himself if she risks the relations again. Naira and Kartik cry for each other. They get sorrowful over losing each other. Naitik supports Naira to lessen her sorrow. Dadi supports Kartik and asks him to not to be so bothered over Naira’s move. She asks him to talk to Naira once. Naitik tells Naira that he has belief in her, but he knows that the right decisions gives peace to people, unlike her, who is still in pain after claiming her divorce decision to be right.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara poisons Falguni’s mind against Suyash so that Falguni hates Suyash. She doesn’t want Falguni to stay with Suyash. Falguni stays away from Suyash after recalling Uttara’s bad words. She runs away from him and falls down, getting a sprain in her feet. He cares for her, which makes her recall their old togetherness. She gets worried by the memory flashes and tells him that she has just seen him with her in a different way. She feels its a dream. She tells Niyati and Suyash about the dreams which scare her. Suyash gets hopeful that Falguni is recovering. Niyati pacifies Falguni. She tells Falguni that this happens with everyone, its nothing new to think and worry. Suyash feels its a good start. He tells Niyati that they will get their Falguni back soon. Uttara gets angry on hearing them. She makes Falguni more against Suyash to the extent that Falguni attacks Suyash. Suyash gets hurt when Falguni pushes him. He doesn’t understand her behavior.

Uttara shows her concern towards Suyash. She tells him that she wants Falguni to recover soon. Niyati doubts on her and tries to ask Falguni if Uttara is filling the junk in her mind. Uttara doesn’t let Falguni say anything to Niyati. Falguni tells her that she didn’t wish to hurt Suyash. Suyash imagines a moment with Falguni. He wishes to get his wife back. Falguni finds him in need of help. She helps him and goes the aid to him. Uttara plans to instigate Falguni so that she kills Suyash.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Tania alleges Raman for the dirty MMS. She tells his family that Raman has planted his phone in her washroom to record her MMS while she was having a shower. Her shameful accusations shocks the Bhallas. Simmi and Parmeet have framed Raman by using Tania. They hope that Ishita gets Raman arrested. Tania tells the family that she is dating Raman since few days. Raman tells her that he didn’t do anything wrong. Tania tells them that she helped drunken Raman, but didn’t know about his hidden motives. She calls him a cheap minded person. Raman denies to do anything wrong. He asks Tania to stop lying. Tania tells them that Raman is lying, and she has a proof against Raman too. She asks Shagun to help her get justice. She lodges a formal complaint against Raman.


Rudra makes his famous fruit punch and spikes it to make Shivay admit his feelings for Anika. Rudra finds this the only way to know what’s inside Shivay’s mind. Anika gets busy with the arrangements. She gets a clue against Daksh, when she gets Daksh’s jacket. She thinks to talk to Shivay and inform him about Daksh’s real arrival date, which can prove Daksh’s fault to him. She calls the airline office to retrieve more information. She hopes to find the proof against Daksh and stop the marriage. Daksh overhears her planning and gets troubled by her. He feels he really did a mistake to take her easy. He plans to throw her out of the house. Rudra shares his plan with Omkara. He tells Omkara that Shivay will melt down after having the punch and speak up his emotions.


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