Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Tanya blames Raman for recording her MMS. She asks the family to punish Raman and threatens to send him to police. Raman gets offended by the bad accusations. Shagun decides to help Tania. She cross checks the CCTV footage to know if Tania is saying the truth. Raman tells Tania that even if he is seen entering her house, it doesn’t prove that he has planted his phone in her washroom to record the MMS. Shagun tells the family that Tania’s allegations aren’t baseless. Mr. Bhalla angrily slaps Raman and loses his belief. Ishita stays with Raman firmly.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Aijaz understands Aayat very well. He knows her nature and warns Majaaz against trusting her. He wants to know why Aayat has come back home. The family tries to protect Mariam from Aayat. Aijaz warns Aayat against harming Mariam or any of the family members. Aayat tells him that she has come for a motive, that’s to get his forgiveness and love. She gets angry on hearing his harsh words and takes up a vase to hit on his head. Just then, Mariam enters the room. Aayat witnesses this and keeps the vase aside, getting back in her sweet Bua role for Mariam.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira gets restless after signing the divorce papers. She hurs Naitik’s heart by asking him to let her make her own decisions. Naitik feels he has supported Naira all the while, hoping her to unite with Kartik. He didn’t imagine to see Naira’s divorce happening. He understands Naira’s sorrow and feels helpless. Naira questions herself over her increasing pain, since she wasn’t living with Kartik for the past two years. She doesn’t realize that she is feeling such pain because of forever separation from Kartik. Kartik and Naira come face to face and see the pain in each other’s eyes. Kartik wants to get away and plans to go to Udaipur. He makes a leave from the building. Naitik and Naira also pack up their stuff to leave for Udaipur.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan expresses his desire to sing with Pankti in the launch party. He has high hopes that Vikram will be launching him as the face of JMD company. Vikram gets insecure when the guests praise Ahaan. He can’t see the media giving more attention to Ahaan than him. He makes big vows to take the company to new heights. He learns about Aparna’s decision to announce Pankti and Ahaan’s marriage in front of the media during the party. Vikram soon goes to announce the new face of the JMD company, by ruling out Ahaan. It comes as a big shocker for the family when Vikram announces Rangoli as the new face for the company.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

After a leap of four months, Aarohi will return in Deep’s eyes. She doesn’t know where is she and who is behind her kidnapping. Aarohi gets caught up by the goons. She hides and runs away. She struggles to save her life. The goons surround her. Tara doesn’t want Aarohi to reach Deep. Aarohi boldly fights with the goons. Inspector calls Deep and Aarohi to the police station. He asks them to cooperate and help them find Tara. He asks her to go for the fingerprints test. Tara worries and asks Deep to do something, as Tara will ruin their lives again. Deep gets troubled and slaps her angrily. Tara thinks if Deep is doubting her. Deep then apologizes to her for his impulsive move.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
A new problem makes Zara cry once again. Zara shares her sorrow with her mum-in-law. Zara doesn’t reveal the cause of her sorrow. Zara worries after receiving a threatening message from Miraj. She isn’t able to tell Miraj’s truth to anyone. She wants to expose Miraj, who is playing games with the family. Zara has to prove Miraj and Nilofer’s evil. The family questions Nilofer about the diamonds. Nilofer hides that Ruksar has paid her to break Zara and Kabeer’s marriage. Miraj answers everyone about Nilofer and his diamond business. Zara tells Kabeer that she suspects Miraj and Nilofer. She tells him that they should also accompany Nilofer.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Devina wants to get rid of Pushpa andAkhilesh forever. She neither wants to lose her children nor her property. She frames Pushpa and gets her arrested for carrying drugs. Pushpa doesn’t have any idea, while Devina acts innocent. Devina refuses to help her out. Pushpa tries to call up Akhilesh and inform about her arrest. Meanwhile, Ira and Akhilesh spend romantic time away from everyone. Ira wants to make their last day memorable. She fears to tell him about their separation, while he dreams of confessing love to her.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil awakens from coma state. He starts behaving crazy. He threatens everyone and asks them to get silent. He tells them that he just wants to stay with Vedika, as everyone else is bad. The family receives a big shock on seeing Sahil’s mental imbalance. They think Sahil is acting and call him a liar. Vedika defends Sahil and keeps him away from troubles.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:

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Ananya opposes Vishesh and Kanchan’s alliance. She gets humiliating Kanchan on Manika’s instigating. She refuses to accept Kanchan as Vishesh’s wife. Vishesh informs Ananya about his Roka. He tells her that they will carry on with the Roka rituals even if she doesn’t come. He hopes Ananya and her in-laws will attend his Roka. Kanchan and Vishesh’s Roka rituals take place. Kanchan gets a panic attack when she gets blindfolded for a game. Kanchan’s behavior is understood by Vishesh, but makes Rajmata curious to know the truth. Vishesh tries to manage Kanchan and her truth.


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