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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita for misunderstanding her always. She gets happy when Ishita stands by Raman and proves his innocence in Tania’s MMS case. Roshni feels she has fulfilled her dream of uniting Ishita with Bhallas. Ishita enters Bhalla family’s heart once again. Ishita joins back Iyer and Bhalla families. Roshni also gets pampered by Bhallas. Everyone apologizes to Raman for not believing him. Raman falls sick when someone spikes his drink. Ishita takes care of Raman. She thinks Raman had fainted because of the tension. She doesn’t know that someone has drugged him. Ishita feels everything will get fine with time.

Krishna Chali London:
Radhe and Krishna win the Mr and Mrs. Civil Lines Kanpur couple competition, even when Bela plots a lot to fail Krishna. Bela doesn’t succeed in winning the competition, despite her several unfair attempts. Radhe and Krishna come closer during the competition. They win the competition and get a bike as the reward. They happily dance on the stage and celebrate their win. Later, Radhe’s leg breaks after his risky stunt. Krishna and Saajan take care of Radhe. Krishna feels sorry for Radhe. Radhe is very happy that Krishna is caring for him. She feeds him fruits. She stays concerned for him.

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Jiji Maa:
Falguni surprises Suyash. He can’t believe that his prayers for answered, and Falguni regained her memory. They have a moment. Falguni hugs him. Suyash gets emotional and cries out. He tells her that he is really happy, as he didn’t expect this so soon. Suyash tells her that they should make a new start now. They celebrate their anniversary. Suyash invites the kids to bring a smile on Falguni’s face. He doesn’t want Falguni to cry again. They visit the temple and remarries Falguni once again. Niyati gets emotional seeing them. Suyash makes a vow that he will always keep Falguni happy.

Suraj confesses love to Naina and hugs her. He gets troubled and goes home. He wants to secure his family first. He tells Chakor that they should go away from everything and live a life in a good way. Chakor reminds him that they have to sacrifice a lot for the sake of the country. Suraj gets motivated by her. She tells him that nation comes first. Suraj confesses love to Chakor and respects her a lot. Chakor gets insecure seeing Suraj with Naina. She is equally troubled.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Suwarna return home. Kar along with the family. Kartik finds Manish upset. He tells Manish that nobody forced him to get separated, Naira and he took the decision mutually and nobody is at fault. He clears out that Suwarna isn’t the reason behind his divorce, he isn’t compelled to take such decisions. He asks Manish and Dadi not to discuss this again. Kartik requests everyone not to talk about Naira and his relation. He tells them that he is clearing everything so that they don’t hold any false hopes in their heart. Suwarna gets happy that Kartik is moving on. Kartik asks Manish not to blame Suwarna. The family gets upset hearing Kartik.

Roop will be seen growing up and taking a stand for women dignity. Roop has left the house when he opposes Shamsher. He couldn’t stand Shamsher raising hand on Himani. He stopped Shamsher and told him that he doesn’t want to become a man like him, if he has to disrespect women. Roop is now shown as a sensible and kind hearted man. He stops a man from misbehaving with a woman. He beats the man and teaches him what defines a real man. He tells the men that a real man is someone who pays respect to women and makes them smile, instead of scaring and making them cry. He wants all the men to provide protection to women’s respect. He asks the men to change their thinking about women. Roop then meets his childhood love Palak.

Piyaa Albela:
Angraj gets adamant to send the family away, so that he can spend time with Pooja. He books a London holiday package for the entire family. Angraj pushes Danish and beats him up. Danish thinks he is Naren and tolerates everything. Rahul stops Angraj’s anger. Pooja snatches passports from everyone. She doesn’t let anyone go. She is going to become CM now. She uses her contacts and controls everyone. Supriya misunderstands Pooja again.


Veer Bhadra informs John Knott Bower about Chandra meeting the HSRA members at some park. John sends the CID team to verify if the news is true. He wants to nab Azad and kill him to put an end to the revolutionary acts. On the other hand, Bhagat is happy to sacrifice his life and accepts the death sentence with a hope that his sacrifice won’t go waste, the people of the nation will take a call on hearing about the youth’s deaths. He tells his mates that the nation will awaken and take their freedom fight seriously. He doesn’t oppose the Britishers’ judgement and stays relaxed. He waits for the day when he will get hanged.


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