Udaan: Suraj to shoot Chakor to pass the loyalty test

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Suraj confesses love to Naina and hugs her. He gets troubled and goes home. He wants to secure his family first. He tells Chakor that they should go away from everything and live a life in a good way. Chakor reminds him that they have to sacrifice a lot for the sake of the country. Suraj gets motivated by her. She tells him that nation comes first. Suraj confesses love to Chakor and respects her a lot. Chakor gets insecure seeing Suraj with Naina. She is equally troubled.

Suraj has to give a big test. He has to sacrifice his love for Chakor, and go on with Naina. Chakor and Abhay stay close to Suraj, by taking a disguise. Suraj is asked to give a loyalty test. Colonel distributes sweets to the villagers in the market. Colonel asks Suraj to shoot someone to prove his loyalty. He hands over a gun to Suraj. He keeps this condition to know if Suraj’s love for Naina is true. Suraj gets a huge shock as he can’t kill anyone.

He gets shattering when Colonel chooses Chakor as Suraj’s target. Suraj feels Chakor should have not come after him. He doesn’t want to shoot Chakor. Suraj thinks how did Colonel select Chakor randomly. He gets into a big dilemma. Chakor receives a shock to see Suraj targeting her. She asks Suraj to go ahead and pass Colonel’s test. Suraj shoots at her, but misses the shot. The people start spreading away and flee after hearing the gun shot. Chakor takes advantage of the crowd and escapes. Suraj clarifies how the woman has run away and saved her life. He tries to convince his loyalty to Colonel.


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