Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa to conceal their divorce distress

Naira to share a positive news with Kartik

Kartik and Suwarna return home. Kar along with the family. Kartik finds Manish upset. He tells Manish that nobody forced him to get separated, Naira and he took the decision mutually and nobody is at fault. He clears out that Suwarna isn’t the reason behind his divorce, he isn’t compelled to take such decisions. He asks Manish and Dadi not to discuss this again. Kartik requests everyone not to talk about Naira and his relation. He tells them that he is clearing everything so that they don’t hold any false hopes in their heart. Suwarna gets happy that Kartik is moving on. Kartik asks Manish not to blame Suwarna. The family gets upset hearing Kartik.

Suwarna serves the food to Kartik. Kartik behaves normal, which surprises the family. Kartik tells Manish that he will manage all the work in the office. Suwarna gets relieved that Kartik isn’t heartbroken. Kartik hides big sorrow inside his heart.

Manish feels Suwarna has turned blind, that she isn’t able to see her son’s sorrow. Kartik tries to convince that he has forgotten Naira. Manish understands that Kartik is lying. Kartik takes the responsibility of his decision. Manish cries that his son is bearing much sorrow, just to satisfy Suwarna’s sentiments. He wishes Suwarna gets sense on her own.

Kartik and Naira have come back to Udaipur. Kartik informs her about the meeting with the divorce lawyer. He doesn’t know that Naira has returned to Udaipur. Kartik and Naira visit the temple. They make prayers and don’t realize that they are close. They get a good omen that Lord doesn’t want them to get separated. They meet in the temple and turn silent. Naira sheds tears and rushes away from him.



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