Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Suwarna to regret Kartik and Naira’s divorce

Suwarna asks Kirti YRKKH on Star Plus

Manish gets upset with Suwarna for risking her life and not thinking about others related to her. He asks Suwarna if she didn’t think of him, as she refused to meet him in the hospital. He asks her if she wants to end ties with him, if she wants to stay with just Kartik. He asks her to not make things worse for everyone. He threatens of harming himself if she risks the relations again. Naira and Kartik cry for each other. They get sorrowful over losing each other. Naitik supports Naira to lessen her sorrow. Dadi supports Kartik and asks him to not to be so bothered over Naira’s move. She asks him to talk to Naira once. Naitik tells Naira that he has belief in her, but he knows that the right decisions gives peace to people, unlike her, who is still in pain after claiming her divorce decision to be right.

He asks her to think again if she really wants to divorce Kartik. He deeply regrets for her. Naira fails to explain that she has taken the decision for everyone to be happy. She doesn’t feel calm. She feels if she has done a mistake by filing for the divorce.

She imagines Kartik, who tells her that he will never divorce her even if she asks for it. She gets hopeful to change the decision. Kartik doesn’t hear her audio message. He loses courage and deletes the message. He imagines Naira with him. They both stay unhappy. Kartik and Naira don’t end their distance. He decides to move out from the building. Naira learns that Kartik and his family is going back to Udaipur. Dadi scolds Naira for breaking everyone’s hopes by asking for divorce. She asks Naira how could she be so selfish and insensitive to break relations completely. Naira fails to explain that her decision was just taken to ease out Kartik’s life. Dadi regrets Naira’s decision.

She tells Suwarna that Naira has taken a wrong decision and didn’t think for Kartik. She feels Kartik is heartbroken. Suwarna feels guilty as she already knew about this bad happening. Kartik stops Suwarna from meeting Naira. He asks her not to talk to Naira. Naira gets eager to stop Kartik from leaving Mumbai. Kartik too tries to meet Naira once before leaving, but misses out till she comes downstairs. Naira too decides to go back home.


  1. naira and karthik ko apne relationship pe focus karna chahiye na ki swarna ke negative ego and attitude ke baare mai sonchna chahiye

  2. If Swarna is really a good mother she can analyze the fact that Kartik nd Naira made for each other they can’t live happily without each other, so it’s now a show time biz dat if till date karti nd naira only think about swarna’s happiness it’s a duty of swarna now to think about KAIRA Relation nd get them unite

  3. Ab do saal beet gaye hain.
    Ek bachha chala gaya kam. Se kam ek baare mein sochna chahiye Swarna ko hala ke baat ye bhi hai ke subham ka maut naira ke karan hua tha
    But kartik ke khusi ke liye KAIRA ko. Ek hona hoga……..

  4. I wanna Kartik n naira to met each other,becaz this drama totally depends on Kartik n naira’s love story. So plzzzzzz Swarna try to understand don’t separate Kartik n naira….. Otherwise the drama is flop….


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