Mayavi Maling: Angad to give a shocking surprise to Pranali


Pranali tries to know Angad and her relation’s future. She feels bad about his truth. She tells him that she loves him, and doesn’t want him to do anything wrong. Adhivanth consoles Arak and assures him that he will safe him from the demons. Eshwarya and Garima try to check some books to find some way to fight with demons. They don’t find any solution and fear that they may lose everything. Madhumali tells Adhivanth and Arak that she may kill them any time, they should join her if they want to stay alive. She hurts Arak. Adhivanth calls her a horrible mother, who never did justice with them. Pranali feels Angad is still under Madhumali’s control. She tells him that she can understand how tough it is for him to obey his demonic mother, but she will always love him, as he is her husband. She confesses love to him.

Angad doesn’t believe her love and tells her about the gift he has kept for her. He takes her to secret cave and presents Haran to her. Garima asks Eshwarya will they lose their family as well. Eshwarya pacifies her.

She asks her to keep hopes that everything will get fine. Pranali gets a huge shock on seeing Haran captive. Eshwarya and Chegu have a moment. She gets new hopes about their relation. She tells him that she has to give her reply to Shil Aditya about their marriage and she will give the positive reply soon. Chegu’s annoyance ends. He gets dreaming about her. Pranali doesn’t want Haran to die, as he is innocent. She gets moved seeing Angad’s demonic side again. Angad threatens of killing Haran in front of her, so that he can get pleased. He reveals how he tracked Haran and captured him. Pranali can’t stand the violence. Pranali decides to take a big risk and save Haran.


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