Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Roshni to deliver happiness for Bhallas

YHM, Ruhi thanks Roshni

Roshni gets labor pain after Simmi injures her. Simmi didn’t wish Roshni to give birth to Bhalla’s heir. The doctor tells Ishita that Roshni is in critical state, they can either save Roshni or the child, they both can’t be saved. She apologizes and asks Ishita to tell her decision soon, they have no time to wait. Ishita meets Roshni, who asks for saving her child first. Bhallas get in a dilemma as they were waiting for Adi’s child since long. Mrs. Bhalla asks the doctor to save the child. Ishita wants Roshni to get saved. Mrs. Bhalla feels guilty and apologizes to the family for her selfish decision.

Roshni delivers her child. The doctor congratulates Bhallas and tells them that its a baby boy. The family gets very happy and feel Adi has returned to them. The family members congratulate each other. Roshni gets stable as well.

Doctor informs them that Roshni is also fine, she is a fighter and held strong will for her child. Ishita meets Roshni and hands over her child. Ishita and Raman get big twists in life. After the good news and welcome of a new member in the family, the couple gets troubled. Police arrests Raman for Tania’s suicide case. Raman isn’t responsible for Tania’s suicide. Ishita bails out Raman. She wants to expose the real culprits. Ishita and Raman will be raising Adi’s child together.


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