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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
Siddhant is arrested in Hira’s murder case. Anushka is the witness as she saw him outside the hotel on the same night when Hira was murdered. Anushka comes to meet Siddhant in the Police lock-up and asks Siddhant if he had an affair with Hira Saniyal. Siddhant tells her that he had no affair with her and he doesn’t think he is answerable to her. KK bails out Siddhant from Police station as he promised him not to let him stay in the lockup. He bribes magistrate to free him. Siddhant comes home. Purva serves him food. Gayatri stops Siddhant from having food and slaps him hard. Siddhant is shocked.

Nani asks Preeto if Soumya is having a problem with her. Preeto tells that everything is fine. Nani decides to do Santan Prapti Yagya so that Soumya bears a child soon with God’s grace. She says everything is fine, but some hurdle is stopping happiness from entering the home. Harman asks what is this new drama? Nani asks him to be quiet and tells that the puja is necessary. She says she will make all arrangements and asks Preeto to call Neighbors and Soumya’s friends. Harak Singh asks Soumya not to do Puja and insult it being a kinnar.

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Piyaa Albela:
Angraj believes that Pooja wants to kill Naren with her hands. He along with Rahul and Surbhi get happy with this thought. Surbhi intoxicates Pooja by making her drink sherbet. Pooja drinks it but doesn’t swallow. She pretends to be drowsy and asks Angraj calling to Naren to play the violin like before and entertain everyone. She then calls him duplicate Naren babu. Everyone is shocked. Angraj gets upset. Rahul and Surbhi try to hide Angraj’s secret. Dr. Kiran feels bad for Naren’s condition. She takes his fingerprints impression.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi thinks Kiara is like Pragya and have some connection between them. He finds a similarity between them and thinks to go to her house and meet Kiara and her mother. Purab comes to know about Abhi meeting Pragya and questions him why he didn’t tell him anything about meeting Pragya. Abhi tells him that he didn’t tell him as Pragya is married to King. Purab is shocked and doesn’t believe in this fact. Disha comes to meet Abhi and tell the truth about Kiara, but he isn’t there in his room.

Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta tells Karan that they shall tell the truth to everyone after Sanju failed attempt to kidnap Dr. Seema. Karan refuses to tell anything to anyone at the moment, we will inquire about the truth from Sanju once he gains conscious in the morning. He says we will ask him who asked him to kidnap the doctor, till then we have to hide the truth. Rishabh hears them and asks what is the truth which they are hiding from him. Karan lies to Rishabh. They wait for Sanju to get consciousness. Sanju refuses to tell them. Prithvi tries to help Sanju escape from Luthra house. Sarla worries for Preeta’s safety.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer gives a special gift to Zara. Zara and Kabeer come close. He gifts her a key and tells her that its a key of her independence, she can move freely now and without anyone’s help. He shows her the brand new scooty and teaches her how to ride it. She gets much happy. He tells her that he would also like to accompany her on a ride. Zara gets happily surprised.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Kunal’s mum gives the Teej shagun plate to Mauli. Mauli gets happy and thanks her mum in law. Mauli prepares to keep the fast for Kunal. Nandini gets sad. She gets a saree as a gift. She misses the Shagun plate and thinks of Rajdeep. Nandini realizes the bonding in Mauli’s in-laws. She misses such sweet things in her life. She never got respect from Rajdeep.

Amaya gets hanged by ropes. She gets scared seeing the chemical vessel beneath her. Meera and Vivaan rush to save her. They hold the rope and pull Amaya up to save her life. Amaya cries for her life. She gets frightened reaching close to the vessel. Meera smartly makes a way for Amaya to rest her foot on the wooden platform. Vivaan then makes Amaya get down from the dangerous hanging. Meera is blackmailed by the kidnapper. Meera and Vivaan succeed to save Amaya.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni recovers and gets back to her normalcy. Falguni has to tell the truth to Suyash that she can never conceive a child and not give him a family. She prays to get some courage to reveal the shocking truth to Suyash. She writes a letter. She mentions the truth in the letter. She leaves the letter for Suyash and goes away from the house. Uttara gets happy reading the letter and thinks Falguni has walked out of Suyash’s life on her own, and solved all the problems. Falguni meets a doctor on the way.


Roop enrols in hotel management course. Roop goes to his college. He finds some men teasing a girl. The girl falls weak and doesn’t stand for her dignity. Roop gets angry on the men for disrespecting a girl. He beats up the men. He tells them that scaring a girl isn’t manhood. He can’t see any girl’s insult. He declares that none should trouble girls. He opposes the ragging. He wants to bring a change and teach everyone what’s a real man, who understands others’ pain, helps and respects others.


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