Shakti: A special entry to lend support to Soumya

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Nani asks Preeto if Soumya is having a problem with her. Preeto tells that everything is fine. Nani decides to do Santan prapti Yagya so that Soumya bears a child soon with God’s grace. She says everything is fine, but some hurdle is stopping happiness from entering the home. Harman asks what is this new drama? Nani asks him to be quiet and tells that the puja is necessary. She says she will make all arrangements and asks Preeto to call Neighbors and Soumya’s friends. Harak Singh asks Soumya not to do Puja and insult it being a kinnar.

Super Nani keeps the special puja for Soumya. She wants Soumya to experience motherhood and also bring a new happiness in their family. Nandini happens to come as the special guest. She meets her friend Soumya. She supports Soumya. Nani plans Soumya’s advance Godh-bharai ceremony so that Soumya can conceive soon. Raavi is angry seeing the drama. She asks Preeto to tell the truth to Nani and end the drama.

Nani says if doctor has confirmed that Soumya is medically fit to conceive, then maybe Soumya is lacking the Lord’s blessing. She wants the Lord to bless Soumya. Nani wants to see Harman’s child at any cost. Soumya loses strength, seeing the expectations from Nani.

Nandini gives her courage and asks her to have hopes, everything will get fine, Nani will know the result of the puja and understand that no one wanted to deceive her. She knows Soumya didn’t like cheating or lying to anyone. She asks Soumya not to feel guilty. Soumya wishes the puja helps the family in maintaining the peace. Nani hopes Soumya will give them a child soon. Soumya and Nandini dance in the celebrations. Soumya faints down while dancing to avoid sitting in the puja. Soumya is helpless as she can’t tell her kinner identity to Nani.


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