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Chakor takes a disguise to manage the situation, knowing Colonel reached Aazaadgunj to find Suraj’s house. Chakor and Vivaan get alert and try to make the villagers act unaware of Suraj. She doesn’t let Chagan and others tell Colonel that Suraj is the haveli owner. She wants Suraj to maintain his lie and keep Colonel’s trust. Chakor struggles a lot to accomplish this task.

Roop determines to bring a good change in the society for the welfare of the women. Shamsher brings admission form for Roop to study Military Science. Roop tears the admission form and tells that he don’t want to study Military Science or join the Police department. Shamsher is shocked and tells Roop about his dream to see him as a Police officer bigger than him. Roop sticks to his decision.

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer gets worried about Naina and hopes to meet in the college. Naina ignores him due to the promise made to Anand. She fears Anand will commit suicide if her affair with Sameer came to light. She doesn’t want Sameer to ditch her like Arjun ditched Shefali and thinks about her family’s prestige. Shefali and her mum are leaving Ahmedabad. Naina meets Shefali for last time. Shefali asks her if she will be able to accept in front of her family that she loves Sameer, and says if you are going to do the same thing which Arjun did with me then leave Sameer. Naina decides to leave Sameer to stop the complications.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:

Rohit tries to convince Rithvik not to take a wrong decision and asks him to marry Palak instead of his sister Ananya. Rithvik tells that he has no feelings for Palak and will keep Ananya happy. Palak comes to Rohit and Sethu’s engagement from Mumbai. Sethu gets happy to see Palak in her engagement function. Manjeet also comes there and tells that Palak told that she will not come, but she came catching the last flight. Rithvik looks at Palak and gets emotional and angry. Ananya senses his emotions and asks if everything is alright. Rithvik and Palak have an argument in the function. Palak decides to talk to Rithvik. Sethu asks Palak to fight back for her love and makes things clear with Rithvik.


Malishka lies to Kritika about Ranbir. Kritika’s heart doesn’t believe on her. Ranvir tries to talk to her. Kritika tells him that she can’t talk to him until the case is over. Ranbir tells that he will wait to talk to her until the case is over. He decides to propose Kritika once he comes out clean in the case. Kritika fights with her feelings for him.

Savitri Devi:
Sunny tells truth to Veer on his insistence. Sanchi gets shocked and gets worried for Veer. All the family members get shocked knowing Dr. Kabir blackmailing Sanchi over Sunny’s mistake. Veer gets angry and thinks Dr. Kabir has ruined his life, and he will not leave him. He takes his gun and leaves from his house in a fit of rage. Sanchi tries to stop him, but in vain. Veer confronts Dr. Kabir for his cheap planning. Sanchi doesn’t want Veer to commit any crime.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Tara meets Aarohi at the mental hospital. She makes a new plan. She sees Deep and runs away. Aarohi rushes to meet Deep. Deep speaks to the doctor. Aarohi misses to talk to him. Tara gets happy. Deep gives a chance to Aarohi to prove herself. Deep sends her to the mental asylum when she fails to prove the truth. No one believes Aarohi. Aarohi gets scared seeing the mental patients. Aarohi wanted to tell Deep about her pregnancy. Tara shows a video to Aarohi and tells her that she can’t be Aarohi, as Aarohi was burnt to death.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Some people attack on Raman. They beat up Mr. Iyer who intervenes to save Aaliya. The men identify him as Raman’s father-in-law, and decide to bash him first. Mr. Iyer gets badly injured by the angry crowd. Raman fights with the goons. Ishita gets a huge shock seeing her dad wounded. Raman stays strong and bashes them up till Bala calls the police. Bhalls and Iyers worry for Mr. Iyer. Raman feels guilty seeing his state. He thinks this happened because of him. Raman is framed for Tania’s suicide. Raman fails to convince everyone that he isn’t involved in MMS or Tania’s death. Ishita stops the women protest against Raman. Raman give up in the fight and stops Ishita from defending him more. Raman and Ishita don’t realize that its Simmi and Parmeet’s evil plotting.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Mansi and Anmol seek help from Kartik and Naira. Mansi and Anmol are in love. They want KaiRa to talk about their alliance. They regret about KaiRa’s divorce. They feel if the families will refuse for their alliance because of the bad terms post KaiRa’s divorce decision. They ask KaiRa to assure them that they will work out their alliance. It gets shocking for the families to know about Mansi and Anmol’s love story.


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