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High Five Spoilers

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Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar and Kulfi have good news to share. They ask each other to tell it first. They tell each other that Kulfi will be getting her dad. Kulfi asks Sikandar how does he know. There is a misunderstanding between them. He wants to tell her about Mohendar’s adoption. Amyra lies to Kulfi about her dad. She doesn’t clear who is Kulfi’s dad. Sikandar thinks Kulfi agreed to stay with Mohendar. They sing and happily dance like kids. Amyra sees them dancing. She insists and takes Kulfi with her to play games. She makes Kulfi away from Sikandar. Sikandar fears of losing Kulfi, knowing Mohendar will be adopting Kulfi. Amyra misleads Kulfi about her dad.

Aditya’s entry has filled happiness in Zoya’s life. Zoya’s good change impresses Aditya. He likes Zoya a lot. Zoya expresses herself freely. Aditya is hiding a big truth. Zoya doesn’t know why is Aditya being so reserved and lonely. Aditya also has feelings for Zoya, but he doesn’t want to commit to Zoya.

Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta and Karan gain much courage to reach out to Rishabh and tell him Sherlyn’s truth. Karan fears for Rishabh’s heartbreak. Preeta breaks the news that Sherlyn has an affair with someone and is pregnant as well. Rishabh gets a big shock on knowing this.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Rithvik and Ananya are getting married. Palak returns in Rithvik’s life. She attends her friend Sethu’s engagement. Rithvik sees Palak and avoids her. He doesn’t want to talk to her. Palak looks for Rithvik to talk to him and clear their misunderstandings. She doesn’t want their friendship to end. Palak stumbles while getting down the stage. Her saree gets untucked. Palak asks Sethu to help her. Rithvik helps Palak. They have a moment. Palak hopes that Rithvik forgets their old problems.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Tanu insists Abhi to make her wear a mangalsutra of her choice. Pragya is at the same jewellery store. Abhi tries to avoid Tanu, but she insists him. A boy runs and collides with Abhi. The mangalsutra falls off Abhi’s hand and lands in Pragya’s neck. Abhi sees Pragya and goes lost thinking of their past. Abhi and Pragya have unspoken love. Tanu gets jealous seeing the mangalsutra twist. Abhi will soon know the truth that Pragya is Kiara’s mother.

Tu Aashiqui:

Anita tries to sell Pankti once again. Pankti gets helpless. Anita drags her in between the men and tries to put a rate tag on her. Anita wants to fulfill her dreams. She turns Pankti into a commodity. She asks the men to pay the right price and take her. Pankti cries. The men bid for Pankti. Anita gets happy with the bidding amount. A man misbehaves with Pankti. Ahaan reaches there on time. He beats up the man. Anita scolds Ahaan for upsetting her clients. She asks why did he come in between. Ahaan tells her that he loves Pankti and will come in between, he has a right on Pankti because of his love.


Harman and Soumya try to get rid of Nani’s puja plans. They make a plan that Soumya will perform dance and faint down. Soumya does the same. Soumya dances with Nandini. She faints down. Harman rushes Soumya to the hospital. Nani tells Preeto that they will do the puja once Soumya comes back home. Preeto worries. Nani suspects something. Preeto tells them that Harman is taking Soumya to city hospital, its far, they can’t return home soon. Nani asks Preeto what’s the truth, why are they avoiding the puja, what’s the matter that Harman and Soumya don’t talk about the child. Preeto gets helpless.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam recovers after the accidental fall. She has no idea about Aayat’s truth. Aayat is also helpless to hurt Mariam and fool the family, since she has to take away Mariam for the operation which can save her son’s life. Mariam meets her family and asks them not to cry, as she isn’t scared of anything now. She tells them how Aayat has made her fight with fears and turned her brave. Aayat stops her from telling everyone about their prior visit to the hospital. Aayat plays safe and fools the family by her sobbing story to gain their sympathy and extend her stay in the house till she succeeds to kidnap Mariam and take her to Lahore.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash plans a romantic date with Falguni. He wants Niyati and Uttara to help him in reminding Falguni her past. However, Uttara plans to use Falguni against Suyash. She hands over a gun to Falguni and asks her to shoot Suyash, before he kills them. She tells Falguni that this is their way to defend their lives. Uttara prepares Falguni for the date and drops her at the venue. Niyati learns that Uttara has given the gun to Falguni. She understands Uttara’s plans and alerts Suyash about it. Suyash doesn’t believe Niyati. Suyash wants to test Falguni and Uttara’s love for him.


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