Shakti: Preeto gets in a fix over concealing Soumya’s truth

Shakti Preeto suicide Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Vidya

Harman and Soumya try to get rid of Nani’s puja plans. They make a plan that Soumya will perform dance and faint down. Soumya does the same. Soumya dances with Nandini. She faints down. Harman rushes Soumya to the hospital. Nani tells Preeto that they will do the puja once Soumya comes back home. Preeto worries. Nani suspects something. Preeto tells them that Harman is taking Soumya to city hospital, its far, they can’t return home soon. Nani asks Preeto what’s the truth, why are they avoiding the puja, what’s the matter that Harman and Soumya don’t talk about the child. Preeto gets helpless.

Nani asks her to swear and tell her the problem. Before Preeto could say anything, Harman and Soumya come back. Harman tells Nani that nothing has happened to Soumya, he was taking her to the hospital, but Soumya got conscious and asked him to take her back home as Nani is waiting for puja.

He tells her that Soumya wanted to do the puja, she fainted by weakness. He asks Nani does she not trust them. Harman and Soumya sit in the puja to avoid Nani’s questions. They complete the puja with the help of three women who achieved motherhood. Surbhi gets over her problems. She supports Soumya. She attends the puja as well. She doesn’t want Nani to know Soumya’s truth. Nani gets happy that the puja completed as per her wish.


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