TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Piyaa Albela: Pooja makes a new plan against Angraj. She has to expose his truth to the family. She finds herself very much trapped. She goes with the flow and plays his same game to defeat him. Angraj turns happy seeing Pooja as his bride. He feels he has finally achieved Pooja and her love, by snatching her from Naren. Pooja dresses in a bridal wear and mesmerizes him. She tries to trick him. He loses anger when he gets interrupted. He breaks a wine bottle and threatens to kill the servant. Pooja stops Angraj from killing the servant.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Akhilesh and Ira lose their shelter. They come closer while they struggle to find a shelter and living. Akhilesh and Ira pass the night at some shade. They have cute and funny moments. They go ahead to participate in the next round of the big reward competition. Akhilesh aims to win the competition, not just to get the money reward but also to get the deposit back, that’s the proposal ring he bought for Ira. They get together to crack the puzzles and win the treasure hunting round.



Aarti, Suzaine, Jaya and Muskaan fail to melt Tabassum’s heart. Tabassum just thinks of her profits. Muskaan sees Tabassum’s real cruel side and fails to understand the reason. Tabassum forces Aarti to obey her commands, else Muskaan will be punished for Aarti’s disobedience. Aarti gets compelled to agree to Tabassum’s conditions. She hides her sorrow and performs in the night event on Tabassum’s order. Tabassum gets too wicked and gives stale food to Muskaan to punish her. Muskaan consumes the stale food. She falls ill, which comes as a big shock for Aarti. Tabassum stops Aarti from helping Muskaan, and asks Aarti to make Muskaan wear the ghungroos if she wants her to get treated. Aarti falls in a big dilemma, as its necessary for her to save Muskaan’s life first.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer becomes crazy after losing Naina. He becomes Devdas. He isolates himself and just thinks of Naina. He can’t tolerate separation with Naina. He doesn’t pay attention to the family. He wishes Naina returns in his life. The separation track will be seen.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Kulfi gets a sweet dream. She imagines Sikandar as her dad. She gets too happy and wishes that Sikandar is really her dad. She dances in her dream, and dresses up like Sikandar. She also dreams of Nimrat and Sikandar as a couple, unaware that they were really married. She sees some happy moments with Sikandar and Nimrat. She gets pampered by both of them. Kulfi then gets a gift from Sikandar. He asks Amyra to tie Rakhi to Kulfi, and make Kulfi her brother. Sikandar isn’t aware that Kulfi is a girl. Mohendar surprises the family by his decision to adopt Kulfi. Sikandar is happy with his decision. He wants Kulfi to agree to this heartily. He asks Kulfi what is her opinion.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe meets his doctor for the medical reports. He gets his leg fracture x-ray reports. Krishna has her dream incomplete. She wanted to become a doctor. She gets involved in knowing the treatment process in detail. Doctor tells Radhe that he got recovered completely. Radhe acts that he is still in pain, so that Krishna stays back with him and takes care of him. Krishna tells Radhe that she will not leave him in pain. Radhe gets happy. Doctor realizes Radhe is faking his illness for Krishna’s sake, and lets him keep the lie. Radhe finally takes a stand for Krishna. Krishna urges him to oppose his dad and make him apologize to her for his big mistake. Radhe gains courage and goes to his dad to confront.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita become grandparents. They happily distribute sweets in the hospital. They take the baby in arms and celebrate their new happiness. Raman tells them that the baby cried when he was taking him in arms. They have a laugh. The family decorates Roshni’s ward with balloons. Raman clicks pictures to capture the happy moment. Its double happiness for Bhallas, as both Roshni and baby survived. Roshni tells Ishita that she knew about her medical condition and was ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of Bhallas’ happiness. She apologizes to Ishita for hiding the truth. Bhallas will be celebrating the baby’s coming.

Roop’s love interest Ishika and his childhood friend Palak will be seen. Roop finds them having a fight. He stops Ishika from slapping his friend. He holds her hand and asks her how can she slap anyone. Ishika asks him not to get between the girls’ fight. Palak gets too angry. Roop controls her too. Roop tries to end their fight. Palak taunts Ishika on her upbringing. Ishika asks Palak not to taunt her on her dad and upbringing. Roop takes Palak away. Ishika is strong and independent. She wants to change people’s mindset by projecting strong girls. Palak can’t see Roop’s insult. She takes a stand for him and wants to protect her friend. Roop and Palak’s sweet friendship will be seen.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:
Rajmata doesn’t know about Kanchan’s past. She informs Kanchan about the traditions of the royal family, that the bahus or would be bahus take the spiritual procession to the temple by taking the Goddess avatar. She asks Kanchan to be a part of the procession and lead it by taking the pure Goddess form. Kanchan worries for her past, that’s just known to Vishesh. He tells him that she doesn’t consider herself pure to take the Goddess form. Vishesh tells her that she is purest for him, and she shouldn’t underestimate herself because of the past. He wants Kanchan to get confident and forget the past incident. He thanks Rajmata for giving such a wonderful chance to Kanchan. Manika asks Ananya to befriend Kanchan so that they can know more about Kanchan’s hidden past and use the secret to break Kanchan and Vishesh’s marriage. Ananya calms down her anger and meets Kanchan to act friendly and get close to her secrets.


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