Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan to rescue Pankti from the auction

Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan and Pankti's breaking relation

Anita tries to sell Pankti once again. Pankti gets helpless. Anita drags her in between the men and tries to put a rate tag on her. Anita wants to fulfill her dreams. She turns Pankti into a commodity. She asks the men to pay the right price and take her. Pankti cries. The men bid for Pankti. Anita gets happy with the bidding amount. A man misbehaves with Pankti. Ahaan reaches there on time. He beats up the man. Anita scolds Ahaan for upsetting her clients. She asks why did he come in between. Ahaan tells her that he loves Pankti and will come in between, he has a right on Pankti because of his love.

He says after seeing your weird behavior, I knew you are planning something. She tells him that love doesn’t get any rights, just money can make him buy his rights. Ahaan tells he that he will arrange money and buy a house. She asks him what did he do till now, he can’t buy a house, he should let her do her work. Ahaan fights with Anita for his love. He asks Anita not to put Pankti in trouble. Ahaan hugs Pankti and consoles her. He promises to buy a house for her and prove his love, so that he can marry Pankti.


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