Piyaa Albela: Pooja to get suspicious about Angraj’s ulterior motives

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Surbhi brings Pooja to Angraj who is dressed as a bride. Angraj gets mesmerized with Pooja’s beauty. Angraj plans to get Pooja and warns her if she doesn’t agree to unite with him then she will have to walk on the burning coal and become ash herself. She decides not to let Angraj touch her, and thinks she will prefer to die rather than becoming of him. She thinks she can’t die as Naren is in Angraj’s captivity. She asks Angraj to take her to Naren so that she can kill him with her hand.

Angraj takes her to the tribe where Naren is kept captive and handovers hunter in her hand. He asks her to beat Naren as of now as they can’t kill him for a few days. He doesn’t tell her that he will keep him alive until Dr. Kiran takes fingerprints of Naren. Pooja beats Naren with hunter with a heavy heart to mislead Angraj about her intentions.

Angraj wants to get Naren’s fingerprints to open the secret locker in the Vyas Mansion, which can be accessed by Dada ji, Harish and Naren’s finger prints. He wants to get Pooja and the treasure of the Vyas empire. Dr. Kiran feels bad seeing Naren’s love for Pooja and decides to help him. Meanwhile, Supriya finds Naren’s behavior weird and thinks why he is favoring Pooja so much and forgetting his family members. She gets doubtful about his obsession.







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