Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer urges Zara to make her own decisions

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Kabeer meets Zara’s family. He apologizes to him. Zara asks her parents to end annoyance for Kabeer. She tells them that Kabeer has restored her respect in Shariah board, and she has forgiven him. Zara’s parents forgive Kabeer and praise him for being a humble man, who knows to rectify his mistakes. Kabeer proves that he is a good husband. Zara’s dad tells them that the main problem is Zara’s resignation. Kabeer asks Zara to decide if she wants to resign or not. Zara’s dad asks her to think of the merits and demerits and then decide for her future.

Kabeer asks Zara not to have any pressure from him or her dad, she should just think for herself and then decide. She gives her liberty to decide on her own. Zara thinks of making her own decision. Miraj blackmails Zara. He wants to become a part of Shariah board. She gets confused and wonders what to do to keep Kabeer’s heart and also save his life.

Kabeer and Miraj meet the Shariah board members. They have a meeting. Zara and her dad make an entry there and attend the meeting. The members ask Miraj to wait outside till they finish the meeting. Zara’s dad makes Miraj leave. Miraj feels insulted. Kabeer doesn’t say anything, as its a rule of the board. Zara asks Kabeer to talk to her for a minute. Miraj asks Zara to get him a place in the Shariah board. When Zara returns home, she faces Zeenat’s taunt. Zeenat says Ruksar and I will celebrate when you leave from this house, Kabeer will be divorcing you. Zara asks her how will Ruksar react if Kabeer remarries her. She teases Zeenat. She tells Zeenat that Kabeer and her relation is getting fine. She doesn’t care for Zeenat’s bitterness.


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