Krishna Chali London: Krishna raises a voice against wrong mindsets

Krishna Chali London: Krishna to protect Shukla and family

Krishna and Radhe look after Lali. Krishna feels sad for Lali and thinks how Lali has always supported her. Lali is the only person who is righteous in the house. Krishna gets determined to get justice for Lali. She files a police complaint against Gajanan. Police barges inside Shukla house and asks for Gajanan to arrest him on charges of domestic violence and women abuse. He asks Shukla to call his son. Shukla opposes the police and tries to save his son. He asks who has file the FIR. Inspector reveals that Krishna has filed the complaint, and he has to take an action. Krishna shows Lali’s wounds to lady constable. She takes the responsibility of bringing Lali to the police station to make her give the formal statement against Gajanan. Gajanan pays for torturing his wife.

Inspector asks Shukla to come to the police station if he wants to save his son. Shukla’s wife tries hard to stop Gajanan’s arrest. She threatens everyone and tells them that she will commit suicide. Inspector asks her why didn’t she stop her son from committing a crime. Police understands her drama. Shukla’s wife fails to stop Gajanan’s arrest. Shukla goes to save Gajanan. Shukla’s wife attacks on Krishna in anger.

Radhe protects Krishna from his mum’s wrath. The family gets worried. Radhe fears for Krishna. Shukla tells Krishna that he will show her what he can do. He plans to get Dubey arrested to teach a lesson to Krishna. Shukla’s wife continues the suicide drama. Krishna and Radhe face the family’s taunts. Krishna wants justice for Lali. She clears that Gajanan has taken an extremely wrong step and has to pay a price for it. Radhe justifies Krishna’s move. He feels Krishna has done the right thing. He can’t tolerate anything wrong happening with Krishna. Krishna opposes their sick mindset. She asks them to care for Lali, who is serving them day and night. She shows courage to prove them wrong. She takes a stand for Lali and sticks to her decision. Shukla tries to bail out Gajanan, but fails. Lali learns about Gajanan’s arrest and asks Krishna about the police complaint. Lali doesn’t give the statement against Gajanan and rescues him.


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