Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra plots to separate Sikandar and Kulfi


Amyra lies to Kulfi about her dad and asks her to go. Kulfi gets excited that she has finally got her dad. Tevar calls up Lovely and insists her to meet him once. She refuses to him. He tells her that he would come her home if she doesn’t come. She agrees to meet him to put a stop to his madness. Sikandar tells Kulfi that she will get much happiness in life, as she got her dad. Kulfi misunderstands him and tells him that she is really getting her dad, found by Amyra. He thinks she got the adoption news and is happy about it. Kulfi and Sikandar sing and celebrate. Amyra takes Kulfi away from Sikandar.

She goes to drop Kulfi. Sikandar feels Mahendar’s decision is right and this will complete their family. He informs the family that Kulfi agreed for the adoption. Amyra shows a stranger to Kulfi and lies that he is her dad. Kulfi believes Amyra and runs to the stranger, who claims to be her dad for a motive.

Kulfi agrees to go with the stranger. She asks him if he is really her dad. He lies to her. Amyra tells her friends how she helped the man lie to Kulfi. She wants Kulfi to go away. Lovely goes to meet Tevar. She avoids to come in Sikandar’s sight. Sikandar looks for Kulfi. Kulfi demands the man to let her meet Sikandar once. Sikandar sees Lovely and stops her to ask where is she going. The stranger convinces Kulfi to come along and meet Sikandar later. Lovely lies to Sikandar that she was going to meet Minty. Sikandar takes her home to give her the adoption news. Kulfi goes with the stranger. Sikandar happens to get a glimpse of them. Sikandar asks Amyra about Kulfi. Amyra doesn’t tell him anything. Sikandar rushes to find Kulfi. Kulfi bonds with the stranger, who feels irritated by her singing.


  1. Kulfi ko lerdki ka rup m dekhne chahte h r kitna din woh boy hok rahegi girl m kulfi bahat achhi lagti h please kulfi ko bahat jaldi lerdki kar dijiye.


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