Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Aayat to plan Mariam’s kidnapping


Aayat tries to talk to Majaaz about taking Mariam with her to Lahore, so that she can fulfill her motive of saving her son. Majaaz and Madiha consider her request. Madiha doesn’t want to send Mariam with Aayat. Mariam goes missing. Some goons kidnap her. Everyone gets worried for Mariam. Meher doubts that Aayat is behind the incident. She doesn’t support Aayat and asks her to leave from the house. She tells Aayat that she can’t take Mariam with her. Aayat fakes concern and looks for Mariam to show them. Majaaz files a missing complaint and seeks police help to find Mariam. Mariam’s friends also sing a song and try to convince her to return. Mariam is kept hidden inside the house. She gets to hear her friends singing and tries to signal them. Aayat instructs her goons to take Mariam away from the house. Aayat acts innocent in front of the family.

Majaaz asks Inspector if he has found any information. Inspector tells him that he didn’t find Mariam or any clue about her, they should check up at the hospital.


Majaaz asks why will I check at hospitals, I believe that nothing happened to my daughter, she is fine wherever she is. Mariam’s friends and Meher reach the storeroom where goons have kept Mariam. They miss out to see Mariam. Meher sheds tears in Mariam’s memory. She wishes Mariam returns home. Meher vents out her frustration on Aayat. Aayat denies the kidnapping blames. Meher and Aayat have a rift. Meher doesn’t want Aayat to take Mariam with her. She challenges Aayat to do anything she can, but Mariam won’t go away from the family.


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