Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini to call off her marriage forever

Silsila: Shocking twists lined up in Nandini's life

Rajdeep does a suicide drama and compels Nandini to come home. Nandini learns about his drama and gets much hurt. He returns her mangalsutra to him. He tries hard to convince her to stay back. Nandini doesn’t listen to him. Nandini burns all the memories of Rajdeep. She gets disappointed with Rajdeep’s bad behavior again. She wipes off her sindoor and decides to end her relation. She returns to Kunal and Mauli’s house. Rajdeep was claiming to have reformed after returning from jail.

Nandini felt he has changed and will genuinely respect her as his wife. She went back to him with a hope that he will love her. She expected things to get fine between them. She realizes that Rajdeep is still the same, he just did this drama to get her back home, since he thinks she is his property. She raises a voice against Rajdeep.

She gets courage from Kunal and Mauli. She takes a stand for herself. She comes to Mauli and apologizes for leaving the house. Mauli gets happy seeing her and hugs. Nandini’s return makes Kunal happy too, but he doesn’t express. He feels her return may cause more trouble for Mauli and his relation. Nandini is glad that Mauli and her entire family has stood for her in such bad times. She wants to count on them and live life afresh.


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